Korg Drumlogue

I couldn’t care less about sampling on Syntakt hehe. Would prefer a proper portamento over sampling tbh. Different people want different things


Tough crowd :laughing:

I think it seems alright, a selection of different drum engines, separate outs, built in fx, plenty of voices.

I guess time will tell if it ends up being a success.


it appears to be a total shambles in every aspect :cowboy_hat_face::partying_face:

to me, at least

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There is good stuff around already. Shure rytm is much more expensive but way more flexible. Sounds better, samples can be layerd. It can sample directly…and and and. Was really hoping for the digital voices in this Drumlogue thing but one? Buy one LXR-02 and you got 6 for less money.

But I would rather have everything in one and choose. Machines over Machines in Syntakt. I´ll pay. But I don´t buy Box after Box.

Yes there are a few cherries on top. But I think within the realm of Korg instruments a Volca Sample & Drum combo is probably going to be half the price and double the fun and sound capability. Probably even still cheaper if you add the V Kick, too. Someone said it’s around $600?

Im kinda dissapointed as my expectations were pretty big.

Just going through demos and reviews now, but Im finding it a bit too classic sounding…

Design wise I like its size and case, but hate those rotarory Volca kinda cheap rotatory controllers
Drum parts of the Monotribe sounded amazing so I was expecting a drum machine mixing a Monotribe and a Monologue I guess, that I found also has an amazing design and sound too.

Behringer is all over that with the Hirotribe.

Edit: or not actually, it’s just a monotribe with ms-20 voice I forgot.

Tow years ago I was excited about release of drumlogue. Today I uderstand that I’m off waiting list. but I’m glad they gave it away. even more happy that I decided to go with lxr-02 for same money…


Behringer is at everything and at anything as they promote so much stuff that then never happens. Besides that, I was expecting something design on the Monologue way, that I found amazingly well done - menus, components, sound, etc…even pricetag - and not a volca like cheap design thing.

Hirotribe idea is fine but I would love to be Korg doing it instead of Behringer, and in a similar manner as the Monologue, but maybe as a module :slight_smile:

Right, I edited my comment

I went to the cinema with my mate the other month to watch the new Top gun film. I’m not really that botherered about Top gun or Tom Cruise, but my guy was a big fan of both, so I went along for the craic. He was expecting the best film ever, I was expecting to not have to think about anything for 2 hours. Which one of us do you think left the cinema happiest?

I’ve had a listen to a few demos now and I think all the crying has much more to do with expectations than the actual machine itself.

It sounds alright to me.

Kick sounds good, nice and deep and with control over lots of parameters.

Snare sounds like shit. But then all snares that aren’t a 909 snare sound like shit, so can’t really blame them.

Toms sound great. But no-one really uses toms anymore, so yeah, they’re shit.

Sample engine is pretty basic, but it’s good enough for a drum machine. So you can just fill it up with hats and rides from the 909 and 707 and go to town.

Sequencer seems fine, plenty of opportunities to make nice rhythms with it, and there’s enough FX to not have to use the extra outputs on it. But it does have a bunch of outputs, which isn’t a given at this price range.

But yeah, it’s not a 25 year old drum machine that no-one outside of about 200 synth nerds gives a shit about, so it’s obviously the worst thing ever.

You’d think after all these years of being disappointed with everything that isn’t a MnM or MD MK3 you’d all have learned to lower your expectations somewhat.


I think it’s without a character. This is a simple ordinary drum machine, made intricately with a lot of time spent. But most importantly, it’s without a soul ( and I feel it.

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Where was never a better time to buy a drummachine. You can have classics sounds + new engines with the TR8s. You can have new analog engines + Samples with Rytm and Jomox Alpha base. Experimental analog with DFAM. Classic analog with MFBs and if you want go complete bonkers you can design your own drumachine with Eurorack many different drum modules(BIA, …). So many choices. Now one more with the Korg.


Same here, however something tells me that this is going to be a keeper for reasons unknown to me right now :joy:

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Yeah lets see when people explore it to bits and abuse it. Maybe there are some interesting corners. At the moment it looks and sounds ok. For me the TR8s ist by far the best package for a drum machine.

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For sure. So why doesn’t Korg hand a few out to those people that’ll show those details and abilities?

There you go @Fin25

Minister of sonic abuse. A reshuffle of positions in the alternative cabinet discussion a while back.


USB host connection and ability to play samples/synth chromatically is quite neat.

I don’t get “the why isn’t it like X product?” It has a fairly unique mix of techologies - analog, samples, FM, VA - pretty sure no other drum machine has all those, happy to be corrected though.

I’m not in the market for a drum machine right now, but I’d not rule this one out if I was.

Edit: Also plocks, trig conditions, ratchets with ramping, individual track scaling and length, hardly boring to me.


looking all demo reviews, i see, they just have nothing to say. they try to make an overview with fire in eyes, but there is absolutely nothing to say. unfortunately.


idk korg, this looks horrid