Korg Drumlogue

It seems like something you would like, it has a potentially noisy and dark character. Like the Bad Gear YouTube guy, you could probably make some use out of it and prove it’s worth so to speak. My opinions are based solely on my personal taste. It just seems redundant to me. Like something neutered at a board meeting to cut costs. Lots of things feel like that though - “how much can we ruin this and still have it be acceptable?”


Sounds like my approach to marriage.


The chasm is deep and wide.

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Let’s not discuss what goes on in Fin’s bedroom.


I’m looking forward to picking one up cheap on eBay, making a legendary album with it and driving up the prices. :smiley:


They should’ve just given it the Volca Drum synth engine except with analog filter and overdrive per channel imo.


I sleep in the shed mate


Yeah, while I understand the dissapointment in certain aspects of the instrument, folks are a bit quick to be flipping tables.

That being said,

is exactly the sort of thing that sounds tasty to me. In fact, someone in the Perkons thread was joking that you could construct your own cheapo frankenstein version with 4 VDs and I have to admit I’ve been thinking about that idea way more than I probably should be :grin:


…last decade, this machine would have been a must have…

but still and anyways, looks nice, sounds korg trademarkish, which is good thing in this case, and since it features that open source backend like their nft, it will defenitly see some sonic add ons in the future…

speaking of future…last decade, this…errr, yes, mentioned that already…

The sequencer looks ace, but I kinda don’t trust Korg on this since the SQ-64 was such a let down.

But as for the sounds, I find them completely and totally meh. If the Analog tracks could be swapped out for 'logue tracks then I think you’d have something once some engines materialize. But between the small amount of sample memory, the so-so Analog voices and measly single 'logue voice I think this is a pass for me. I’d rather get something weirder, like a Blast Beats, or something more capable like a 'takt or even a secondhand Rytm Mk1, which can be had for pretty near the price of this thing.

And that’s a good thing because most reviews have commented about the front panel being a magnet for fingerprints and with a dense control panel that gets to be a problem.

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this place reads fairly well.


I think SQ64 is ok - what do you consider a let down about it? Sure it is basic, but useful enough, no?

Yeah I think if I was looking at drum machines Blast Beats would be a contender, but this Drumlogue, Perkons, and Blast Beats are all interesting to me, in very different ways.

The way people are over reacting, you’d think Korg had made an Alesis SR16 clone :laughing:


I remember when I bought an ER-1. Everyone I knew at the time that was into music gear thought it was a bag of shit and didn’t mind telling me as much.

Now we’re all disappointed that this new thing isn’t an ER-1?

Because this seems to more or less be the thing people complained that the Syntakt wasn’t.

@CL516_CALVIN, banging demo.


The last Electribes suffered from glitches that occur when switching patterns their entire existence. Korg is still producing Volcas that can only store 16 1-bar patterns. I don’t trust Korg’s design choices or ability to address software issues at all.


The only thing this has on the Syntakt is the multiple outputs and sampling.

And price and SDK (programmable) engine for 3rd party synths and fx.

I suspect it will hit at 499 UK pretty fast (its 550 UK on launch) and that may make a difference for some people.


Sounds pretty good to me - esp the kick - I think the general negativity here is that people are feeling the pinch economically and are looking for reasons not to drop their hard earned into another bbox.

Personally I don’t want it to be ER-1… use the same synth architecture… ER-1sounds awesome, is super simple to program etc. imagine having 4 tracks ER-1 with knob per function. You could go to town with that one

I struggle to remember exactly what my issues were with the SQ-64; I sent it back pretty quickly. I know the note entry via the pads was one of them, I think it was very complicated to transpose the note range on the pads or something along those lines. I know there were a few other workflow/firmware issues I could recall if I played with one again for a bit.

I don’t think it’s a bad option at the price, just felt it could have been better.

and the only thing this has on the TR8S is… well, nothing.