Korg Drumlogue


i like the ratcheting but somehow the snare sounds 1:1 hollow like / noise decay, like on that Volca Beats.

Woody and Noisy I’d say

everybody get a RYTM it’s all of this thing within some parameter values, with MK2 and USB you‘ll get the largest library of sdks and fx…


Too bad drumlogue doesn’t support the oodles of engines that already exist for the *logue platform. Very much so.


have been looking forward to this coming out but it’s not impressing me with anything i’ve seen or heard so far…sounds, SDK implementation, samples, etc… routing and sequencing/performance options seem solid, but if the core sounds aren’t there then the rest is all for naught.

Currently on the fence with the demos.

For me it’s the more “Vintage” sounding kits and sounds i prefer. But that makes it a pointless acquisition.

Oh, and I hate extreme ratcheting, so that always does my head in on a demo.

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only one track that loads Logue SDK plugins ?!
definitely my biggest gear disappointment in 2022.
moves from «must buy» to «well, maybe someday» category for me.


Am I the only one thinking “ok, the same drum machine re-made all over again, and again and again…”? Sincerely, the more time passes the more I appreciate how forward thinking the Machinedrum was… I should get one (again)…
Also, why nobody thought about creating a sort of Nord Drum 2 with a decent sequencer??? I’m so so disappointed with this industry… I think I will never come back to hardware again.
I had big expectations on the digital and plugin side of the Drumlogue but now I see I’m definitely not the target for this…


Okay… Maybe not bad for a “first drum machine”… But why should I buy it instead of a TR8s?

Im sure there is fun to be had with it, but yeah it isn’t sounding particularly interesting… The sample side seems quite limited, and I seem to remember a lot of the developers doing SDK stuff feeling a bit burned by Korg also, makes me wonder how many are going to be jumping in for a round 2.

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Honestly, you shouldn’t… I would go for TR8s over this any day of the week… even on mondays


Elektron had redefined modern idm (or whatever you want to call it) while all the older, traditional companies are left floundering in that particular market.

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An anus can synthetize great snares and other drums sounds. Even AnalOgue bass sounds, whistles, and much more. So what’s the problem ??


Yeah and even modern Elektron devices are not that innnovative anymore (although Syntakt has some great ideas tbh)… I know the industry is under a lot of pressure but I feel the issue is not about digital components or whatever but about ideas, boldness and approach… I feel all the good ideas are already there, I just don’t understand how is it so difficult to any company to take them all and make a great forward thinking product.
I’m sure on the modular side there’s a lot more creativity and risk-taking, but I think I’m not asking much requesting innovative instruments for a traditionally innovative musical style… I’m annoyed by this industry conservadurism, they’re already walking fossils.

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Too expensive.

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I like your sphincking.


You could buy a Nord Drum 2 and a decent sequencer?

There’s also a lot of companies going out of business.

There’s plenty of bold ideas out there. There’s a company making synths out of trees for fuck’s sake.

Yep, Drumlogue isn’t what a lot of people wanted. Maybe this is shortage related, who knows, but Korg are a pretty conservative company, so I’m not sure we should be expecting much better from them in the current climate.


Also, the UX is horrible… come on… no dedicated knobs for the digital engines for instance…

I stopped watching at that point. Let’s back to more important things.

Not every drum machine will push the envelope, especially at this price point! The Drumlogue is almost a perfect reflection of the Minilogue: it’s a higher entry level instrument built on the reputation of analog circuits.


First reaction

This looks pretty poor to me. There’s no way on earth I’d ever consider this over a tr8s. One of the worst aspects is the design and layout.

Ultimately though everything about it just felt conventional. Like I’ve seen it all before and it sounded better.

I like korg but they need to do better than this.

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Hefty price for what it is. Hmm and meh from all the demos I have seen so far. This one is easy pass … TR8s hands down