Korg Arp 2600M

2600 FS was not 10k; it sells for that second-hand. HUGE difference. sale price was 4k. and people mention that sort of price gouging/gear flipping all the time.

regardless, I’d gladly pay 10k for the Korg version before I’d give Behringer a single penny.


Lets just hope the build quality is fine … i have doubt but i really hope its not going to be like the MS20 mini … please Korg !

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Yeah. I paid £3400 for my FS. I will always contend that given the stellar build quality & the fact you got the gorgeous 3620 keyboard & the travel case included it was excellent value for money.



This looks very sexy. But i need a keyboard these days.

It will be available in June - the price was the press release of Korg

fwiw, in regards to the MiniKorg 700 FS… someone on GS says their Sweetwater rep told 'em Korg hasn’t given them a price yet and won’t let them post a sale page until NAMM official release (Friday, right?). they also don’t have the 2600m page up yet (likely same policy on NAMM release). so maybe take the price with a grain of salt…

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Why ?

It’s USB class compliant so you can use any USB keyboard with it.

UK price - £1620


2400$ before taxes in Canada, it says limited edition but I’m not sure how they really got some of the first 1000 units for preorder. I took the bullet and will see if I’m lucky enough ! And it’s coming in June !


Curious about whether or not this is actually limited. I didn’t see anything in the official release notes to indicate as much.

no, it’s not. the first 1000 have a different coloured case & come bundled with a micro key controller

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Where did you see this? Korg’s product page for the M does not mention this at all.

Since when is 1800eur affordable?
And for mini version too. Affordable my :peach:

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That info seems to be in the press release from Korg since a few online publications such as Synthanatomy and Musictech has written about it


fwiw, there’s talk/concern on MW about the nuts for the jacks. they look a little too perfectly aligned. apparently the MS20 mini looked the same, and they used cheap/fake plastic nuts there, which were problematic; and not what you’d want in such an iconic re-make for that price.

if true, it does help explain how this is $1800 and the miniKorg is $2k (if these prices hold).

Plastic fake nuts?? No way, they wouldn’t! its 1800eur they want for it.

Fake or not they dont look the same as the FS, the edges are not as sharp looking.

that depends on one’s own perspective of what is value for money, how much one is able, or prepared to spend on an item. It’s entirely personal.