Korg Arp 2600M




anyone want to buy a TTSH lol?

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It will be hard to justify when Behringer ARP is €599


this mini version speaks to me. And my desk space


There are plenty of threads on it so I’m not going to get into that discussion again, but price is definitely not the only factor in that decision.


The Korg Arp 2600 FS costs €10,000, nobody never mentions it

If there was no M released, the Behringer was the only solution to get an ARP at an affordable price

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Look, it’s all black. Who woulda thought!

That is the price for the first 1000 units which includes a “special color road case” and a microkey 37 keyboard… so who knows - maybe the price will come down a bit after that edition is sold out? :slight_smile:


Reserved at my favorite store already hahaha


Definitely agree.

For a lot of hobbyists, it’s the whole experience of a product that matters. The packaging, the history, the looks and all other details.

It’s a bit disappointing they did not introduce a matching keyboard or controller.



That version is definitely aimed at “purists” or collectors so I would guess that’s their justification. That kind of price definitely puts it way beyond of the realms of possibility for me though, even if money was no object.

Do we have a price for the 2600M yet? Thought I read somewhere it was “around three times the price of the BARP”, so around £1800 ish? That’s still pricey, but given what it is and the included case, probably about fair? Will definitely be keeping an eye out for a second hand one one day. :wink:

€1799 limited run

If it is limited edition, second hand will be more expensive than €1799

Ahh I thought there was just a limited special edition in a different colour and there would be plenty of the ‘normal’ version?

Was the KARP Odyssey the same? There seems to be plenty of those very cheap second hand?

No it wont at all. People that want Berhinger gear will buy Berhinger. People that want Korg will buy Korg.

People dont buy this kind of collector synth because they are cheap, as mentioned above, they buy them for the collection, the experience, the nostalgia (legit or otherwise), the ‘ooooh’ factor etc. They buy it because it is not behringer . I think 1700€ is fair considering what it is.


Where did you find this? Not that I dispute it, I just can’t seem to find anywhere they sell it yet (Europe).



the first 1000 come with a coloured road case & a Korg MicroKEY2-37… so Korg are stil going for a sort of ‘limited edition’ on these, whilst unlike with the FS the M will stay in full production.

( I wonder if the costs being bandied around are for the version with the case & MicroKEY2 & the ‘basic’ version will be cheaper…? )