Kodamo EssenceFM

Magnifique !

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Ok, c’est bon je suis convaincu !


:vulcan_salute: :ok_hand: :raised_hands:

I’ve been following this synth for a while now. I wanted it specifically for its host port and promised MPE functionality—the perfect LinnStrument companion—but sadly, they didn’t implement MPE to spec: i.e. no common channel. :confused:

If they get that sorted out, I’ll bite.


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As MPE implementation is a fimware matter, I think you just have to be patient :wink:

Seems like a total dice roll, but I ordered one of these today. Looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:

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Just arrived! Tons of glare coming in through the window, so my pictures suck.

Just been randomly messing around with it since I really have a lot to learn about the thing. Initial pros are the sound quality is top notch, lots of really good fx and the screen is crazy responsive and fast. I’m leaving tonight for the weekend, but look forward to diving in. So far, very excited about this purchase :slight_smile:


Anyone has some drums made with the EssenceFM ?

I’m really intrigued by this synth and i really like the sounds i’v heard thus far, haven’t heard much FM drums though.

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I haven’t been home to really mess with mine or show any sound examples, but I really like a lot of the drum sounds in this thing so far!

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Sounds promising! Surprised that komado haven’t sent out review units to guys like loopop to create some more buzz around the unit.

Regardless will be ordering one as i’v just sold my Digitone and Digitakt… thanks to you @Snipecatcher😉

Never heard of the EssenceFM before I saw your image! :joy::+1:

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I’m on the complete opposite side, that’s what caught my attention!:joy: Just love how it looks and the UI looks awesome. I had my worries when I got the BB that the touch screen and UI would be slow and cumbersome, but it was super fast and easy to work with. From what iv seen the EssenceFM is even smoother and faster.

But I understand your view that it doesn’t look like a instrument perse, but than again neither does my Squarp Pyramid or my Integra-7. :joy:

I was pretty surprised to see you put the DigiDuo up for sale, but this does look amazing, so at least you’re getting something amazing in place of those two! I watched a few videos just now and browsed through the interface examples on the site, looks like a FANTASTIC synth and I love that it’s native rack. The interface feels retro in my favorite way, lots of little touches and animated elements that stand out to me and feel very appealing.

Haven’t really heard anything yet from the demos that sound different from what could be done on the Digitone, but I would like to see what it can do when pushed. Post more videos please, anyone that has received theirs!

At US $1300, I think the price is pretty good. Nice!


Yeah it wasn’t planned but after i got the Pyramid and Integra-7 i haven’t really felt i’v used them much, Digitone least of the two. Mostly because i find learning fm on the Digitone is a bit cumbersome with the small screen and menu diving, i love the hardware and workflow of both boxes but i’m not one to keep things just for the sake of it.

So when i saw the image of the EssenceFM i was intrigued and after watching the video i was pretty much hooked, it seems to incorporate all the things i love about the BlackBox which is fast and easy user interface, multiple outputs and on top of that it sounds really good.

My reasoning is that the EssenceFM will most likely inspire me to learn FM more than the Digitone.

The BB doesn’t replace the Digitakt entirely and im sure i will want it or equivalent down the road. :slight_smile:

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Perfect Circuit told me they intend to film a demo, but other than that, I’m not really sure :confused:

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The Digitone has its own secret sauce and I’m not sure the EssenceFM can do anything it can’t either…it can just do way more of it being 300 voice polyphonic and 16 part multi-timbral. Appears to be more modulation opportunity as well, but I’ve barely cracked into the thing.
Just did my first little jam on it using only the EssenceFM, sequenced by my OT. Was going to share, but the music itself is just way too dumb! I was just playing with sounds and whatnot :slight_smile:

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Yeah there is still very little content out there, will be nice once some reviewers worked with it.

As for sound design, the obvious difference in limitations should make it quite easy to produce sounds the DT could not do, simply by layering where the DT would hit it’s limit quite easily no ?


Yes definitely, I completely agree. I’m sure that it can go way beyond, I’d just like to see some really great demos which I’m sure are coming. I think you’re going to love it!!!

Same to this, definitely agree, 300 voice poly is madness!!! The modulation looks fantastic as well.


If I spoke French there would be more info out there, but the English speaking options are still a tad slim. I should also mention, the manual is pretty small and could cover quite a bit more ground. I’m going to join their forum and suggest this stuff

Yes I read thru the manual and it was indeed quite slim. I do however like the basic explanation of voices, patches etc. I wished Elektron manuals was a little more approachable in explaining some stuff.

I already joined the forum, it seems quite small though and not much action. I did however find Kodamo them self very fast in responding to my email inquiries.

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Just saw the PC clip with the EssenceFM, not really my cup of tea but nice to see nevertheless

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