Kodamo EssenceFM

Hi there,

here is a new FM synth expected for december 2019. Looks very interesting :yum:



Looks cool and a lot of FM goodness but the limited Modulation matrix is a show-stopper for me.

Yes you’re right but it’s just a firmware matter which is upgradable, so …

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I love FM… but there’s just something about the design of this thing I can’t get behind - it looks too ‘functional’ if you know what I mean - like a controller from a video edit suite, not a musical instrument. I’m sure it’ll sound terrific but I find it very uninspiring physically. Not a fan of touch screens to be fair - I like hardware controls.

Interface has a whiff of Windows XP – with added big flashing MIDI activity light.

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I like the look of this tbh. It seems like a nice fm synth. I would be interested in a rough idea of price before committing any kind of desire to it

From MW:

I think it looks pretty good, but definitely won’t be an early adopter since money is relatively tight and I just ordered a preen fm 2 kit.

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Price will be between 800 and 1200€. It will depend on hardware additions (number of outputs for exemple)


Thanks @Stupid_zen & @Enthalpi

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That’s what the Digitakt’s 8 midi LFOs are for :slight_smile:

300 voice poly! Hot damn.


Nice but I haven’t bought a 19" rackmount unit for about 20yrs :slight_smile:

Or the 24 OT midi LFOs !


Looking like a monster :japanese_ogre:

But damn those demo sound cheesy…

The demo sound are a choice of the kodamo sound design team. They wanted to create cold, precise and harmonics rich sounds but potentialy buyers (like you and me) are a bit disappointed by them so they are working on more warm and analogic demo.

Another video:


A great synth is born :star_struck:

I’m so F**** happy today!!!

That IS an amazing FM synth, maybe the one alongside with FS1r

Woaw, the edition is so funny and so fast thanks to the great/big tactile screen

I’m amazed, really! It’s the Waldorf Quantum of the FM Synths: amazingly powerful AND easy to use



I hate you :lying_face: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope to hear your demos soon :hugs:

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DAMMIT i was going to be satisfied with my Digitone and now this bastard shows up. I´m going to cut down on my charlie habit just to be able to afford it ( :wink: )

I looooooooove it! Amazing FM synth :heart_eyes: