JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


Initially email - then I called up and when he eventually picked up we spoke for an hour


So now you are our ambassador!
Can i send you my feature requests next time you call Jurgen? :wink:


:joy: Just try calling him


I mean… this is the type of sht Jürgen does… :joy::joy::joy: the dude’s like a mad scientist from a film noire set…

How can I not love my AB?


More rare than a wizard/mad scientist is one who can execute and deliver. I appreciate the things that Jürgen continues to come up with. I get it. Dude is an artist, and an artist needs time to finish their work. I just can’t afford to be his patron while waiting around.


No one is asking you to be patreon and wait around. You make it sound like the AB is nonfunctional which is totally not the case.

The AB is 100% working and we (users) hope with some clever firmware he may be able to implement some extra neat tricks (which were never promised).

The OT or Overbridge its significantly worse by comparison - and thats years later.


Easy now. I never said nor implied that any of his array of products are non-functional.

Enjoy your AB. I hope it gives you many years of pleasure.


Is there a way to return Alpha Base to its default settings? I’ve edited all the kits and patterns but I want to start from the beginning.


Download the pdf and type in “factory settings” in the search bar which will take you to page 80 in the manual. The somewhat complicated instructions (I don’t own one) contain some graphics and other links, so it’s a bit much to type out here. But the good news is that it can be done.


In case you guys missed it…
Boom… firmware v1.31 released!

  • Delay BPM Sync
  • BPM Clock Monitor
  • LFO BPM Sync


Long Jurgen interview and AB demo


Wow that was an impressive in depth walk through of the machine.