Jamuary 2021 - Post your jams here

In a word, Finesse.

@Microtribe Thanks!

a quick one that wasn’t so quick to make, much to my wife’s annoyance.


When your mate comes over to film your last Jamuary session and it turns out great!


MD, TOM and TD3

Just did a quick test of full modular impro on twitch. Really liked the experience, might do this a couple of times a week.

All sound coming from modular, Akai force as a mastering tool + loop recorder + master filter “a-la-dj”. No sequence were pre define, only the starting “song”.

Enjoy and let me know what you guys think!

Some Janet Jackson to close out the month. I wanted to try the new arturia juno chorus on the dx7, but I ended up liking the Tal U-No chorus more.


Final Jam with epic Finger Drumming for the ages and a superb use of Elektron Gear :

31! Made it through :slight_smile: For the final jam I thought I’d spotlight one of my fav bits of kit, the Volca Drum. Every single sound is made by the Drum and sampled into the 707.

Normally I just jam around without cam or so… So this is my very first attempt to make a Jam video.


My last two jams :slight_smile: again, using only the Deluge.

Probably - learning the probability functions on my Deluge and trying to make dirty drums sound even dirtier.

FiveTet - upbeat lil number with a twist. Had fun seeing where I could take the same line by messing with the synth engine

Very grateful to have this opportunity/motivation to be creating music. It was:

  1. fun, healing, and needed
  2. a reframing of what a track can/can’t be
  3. a way to connect to this community
  4. a confidence builder to myself as a solo musician/song writer
  5. a way to learn my gear (the Deluge) in constructive, creative ways

and anita makes 31 jams…

this has been a cool challenge. i learned a lot about music production but spent less time with hardware. good job, everyone!

Five Tet is cool! I expected it to go more full on in the second half, that was a nice surprise!
I would say your 5 points about jamuary are also true to me but I haven’t learnt much about your gear this month :slightly_smiling_face:

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Day 31 and I’m done. Cheers everyone for your feedback. Hopefully now I’ll have some time to check out some of the jams on here I missed.


I could not make something everyday but I have a few jams. It was great taking part in it for the first time. I hope I can make it daily next year.
(Not everything in this playlist includes Elektron stuff though, but most of it does :+1:).

Thanks :blush: I didn’t expect it to go there either lol! But that’s the beauty of this framework - just make a decision and let it be.

Really like your last jam! I’m a sucker for ambient noises and stripped down mixes. Enjoyed your visual format throughout this series, keep it up! :yellow_heart:

Well before ejecting my Deluge SD card, I found one more jam… the month that keeps on giving :rofl:

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Absolutely! I’m sure most of my jams would have taken very different directions had I more time to work on them. This one-thing-a-day thing is an interesting way to work and I’m so glad I’ve taken part.

Thank you (again!) for your kind words - I originally wanted to make the last jam using only ambient sounds. That didn’t obviously happen but there is quite a few in there!

I’ve just listened to your bonus jam - I had headphones on and all the panning and movement in it was really nice!