Ive got an octatrack but it needs a buddy


Definitely not overly technical. I figured since I got the manual for the OT printed finally I’m gonna study it and save up for an op-1 or the soma labs pulsar-23 so I can learn my device I have and get something I’ve really been eyeing.


Yeah I printed the manual at the library then I got an iPhone/iPad USB adapter for my midi keyboard I have no reason to buy anything until I’m 100% acquainted with my Octatrack. I could make really good music with what I have if I just make it :man_shrugging:


Well, the fx really suck! So if the fx are boo-boo in the companion, it’s a situation pretty hurt. The OP-z doesnt have anything to write home to mom. The two paired make for sounds like gimmicks. So then you’re looking at the need for a processor. I’ve got my mind toward a MOD DUO X, or maybe a ZOIA if I miss my shot at a Mod.


You’re going to hit a quick wall with that thing. Just four parts, tape. With pretty slim fx options. It’s kid sister gives four times brainiac-ishness, yet still keeps slim choice for fx. Caustic 3 is pretty impressive for android/ iOS. Plus fx modulations can be captured in song mode allowing use as instrumentation.


I have a OT and a Push 2 and they’re pretty amazing together. Making a million clips of different OT tracks in different scenes/freeze echo performances. Then organizing it into a tidy song. Also (shhhhhh dont tell anyone) (you can PLOCK anything on Push2 midi step sequencer)


I also have an op1 and an mpc soooo :grimacing::rofl:


yeah i think i want the op-1 since i say the swedish house mafia video years ago and since then the GAS has been real.
i guess a pulsar-23, push-2 and some uber great FM synth is what ill have in the future, for now ill use what i got


OP1 was definitely worth it (for the normal income musician) a couple years ago (and even then its a bit of a stretch) but it’s price point now puts it in with some much more powerful devices (MPC live, push(w full abe), OT, deluge, 2 DT’s lol) so its harder to justify. But what it does at its size and portable standalonliness still doesnt really have competitors (ipad apps) even after 8 years lol. Crazy. But they’re all just different cars to get to the same place.


I changed DT for DN to go with OT. Great combo + you can use CUE to send OT to juicy DN effects.


I’d suggest a Minilogue. Either og, or xd.
You get a wonderful sounding 4 voice analog poly synth of which every parameter can be controlled from the OT. You get 24 midi LFOs from the OT as well, which along with p-locking gives you almost modular like capabilities.
You should keep a list of the Minilogue’s midi cc values at hand, though.

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Can’t go wrong with an Analog 4 - get the black one


Agreed. The important thing is to decide your destination, and how you’d like to get there.


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Are you kidding me !! :point_up_2:

Who on earth flagged that as offensive?



I use it with something that can act as a send return for FX and also as a synth/drum machine. Like ZOIA or an Organelle.


Will probably get an analog keys at some point.


I had an organelle. I might get the new one later just for the new ram in it I sold it because it crashed every time I made a patch on orac.


Clearly some people can’t handle the orgasmic analog nature of the OT and the vibratory nature of reality.


If you want some sound advice: don’t let the Russians meddle with your business, things might rapidly get out of control :star_struck:


Not me, I have a sense of humor! :slight_smile: