Ive got an octatrack but it needs a buddy


That’s been my history with the Octatrack as well, especially when I was first learning how to use it.

So far I’ve paired it with a Bassbot TT-303 or a Korg Volca. I’d flirted with the idea of getting a Digitone. But then I heard about a bug that happens if you try to use the Octatrack sequencer to trigger patterns on a Digitone or A4… if either slave machine does not have the same pattern length as the Octatrack. Haven’'t heard of or experienced such problems with a Volca but then again, I haven’t tried using the Octatrack to trigger Volca patterns over MIDI. All I’ve done is use Octatrack MIDI clock to start a pattern on the TT-303, which isn’t quite the same as having the Octatrack sequencer trigger a pattern via MIDI.


i think that ill save up for the sp2400, who knows…


as far as workflow goes, have you tried sampling internally? you can compose a drum loop with a bunch of tracks, and then use a flex machine to record it all as one sample. you don’t have to bounce it out and back in.


i need to. i gotta go to the print shop and get a copy of the manual collated


Wuddup! Thanks for the follow btw

For an optimal Modbap setup I would say the DT+Modular or OT+Modular is my favorite.
If you go OT+DT you would need to sample a modular synth to fall under the Modbap umbrella.
The Modbap movement is build on Boombap style HipHop made with modular synths, drum machines and samplers. We’re currently working on a documentary about the development of the movement.
We started shooting a few months ago.
What’s your IG name ?


I would go for the digitone over the virus… I enjoy making patches on the digitone more.
Don’t get me wrong, I actually plan on acquiring a virus at some point.
I’m proving my point i purchased my digitone first :smiley:


ig @lamb_shplam and @liam_sparling

yeah being a broke college student i was gonna get either an ocoast or soft pop to be modbap maybe a mother32 too.


ill need to learn how to do that, i like using the zoom because my sp404 cuts out if there are too many voices so ill use the sp404 effects and the scene changes of the octatrack to get a more organic drum loop and then put it on a track to synch with the sequencer. ive only had the OT a few months and right after i got it i got super busy in life so its been on the backburner for a month or so and its gnawing at me to invest more time and energy


If this is truly the case then my advice would be to not buy anything more until you have explored all the possibilities of your existing gear and have a good idea of what (if anything) you need to develop your music.


thats why im deciding im gonna get an adapter for my phone to use the synths on there with my midi keyboard and just really learn my octa i dont need to spend anything i got more than enough to make great music



That’s so crazy… it’s how you make it not what you have. I really need to just buckle down, Damn.


Before that, most of his beats were done with an Emu Sp1200 or a Boss Sp303, two very very limited machines… But he admits owning a boatload of vintage synths as well, though.


he‘s using loops most of the time anyway as far as I know.
Great ear for unique samples but I feel the beats are not overly technical.
Ipad is very capable for that


Probably not what you want to hear but don’t buy anything is my advice u TIL you e turned the OT inside out. Completely the opposite of what I have done lol I am speaking from experience. I had a lot fun searching for gold in used goods stores and now I am having lots of fun focusing on production with specific pieces of hardware.

I was writing this to you this morning but it looks like my ideas seemed to have reached you by your recent posts lol

Overall, it’s a very open ended question. Maybe dedicated effects would be better for samples you may or may not have bought? Maybe a versatile synth that is capable of supplying your OT with all the necessary sounds you need to make the music you want?

After going from a big set up for one guy to a smaller set up I am much more focused. I’ve been working hard to be as streamlined as possible with a home setup and a retractable set up for live. My goal for live performance has always been, since I started on this journey quite some years ago, to play live with as little as possible whilst adding as much colour and depth to a live sound as possible. I don’t know what your final goal is but I can’t recommend the RYTM enough.

Like you said, you can use the synths on your apps to feed the OT… of course… and I’m sure that will be amazing. For me, I am a sucker for analog and drum wise I haven’t played with anything like the RYTM. I think the OT+RYTM is a belter of a combo! The sound design on the RYTM nails it for me. I am having so much fun synthesising my own analog drums. I had a lot of fun on the MD but there is a big difference in the end result. And that comes down to a letter of taste.

I’ve really enjoyed reading through all the replies on this post. Everybody has and is walking a different path. It’s nice pondering how you all have got to this specific point you are at now.

My last on the RYTM; it’s such a great box. 4 dual VCO engines plus the filter etc mean I can produce almost any sound. Plus the other engines, PLUS the added sample I can layer into any analog voice. Sample those into the OT for mixing down and resampling, arranging and performing and that’s it!

Finally, I do think a box that produces sound or your iPad apps are very important for getting your signature sound and for the OT. Autechre with their MD and MM, SOPHIE utilising the Monomachine to its full extent, and countless other artists making the most of their hardware boxes and getting amazing results with them. A hardware box compared to an app is the way for me.

Sorry if my reply is messy. It’s a busy commute to and from work!


I use my OT with a Nord drum 2 and an Access virus snow. Compact, and immensely powerful !


It’s very tempting to pair the OT up with anther piece of gear, because it seems designed for that very purpose - and it is enormous fun to sync a nice synth and mess with live samples, or start layering loops.

But bear in mind that all this can be done with just the OT, too - build a pattern on a couple of tracks, maybe add a single cycle synth track, get your effects in place and then resample to a loop internally. Once you start pitching down, reversing and slicing sampled reverb or delay, you realise that the OT is a great machine for ‘recursive’ composition, for want of a better word - it’s perfectly capable of feeding itself in the absence of an external food source.

But if you absolutely have to add something and you’re on a budget, I’d consider a Korg Monologue. That gets you a MIDI-ready analogue that the OT can take full control of, but also has its own interesting sequencing tools and plenty of classic hands-on control, and it’s very cheap for the feature set.

Really the magic of the OT is that it will complement and expand just about anything you hook up to it, but I think factoring in MIDI unlocks so much potential that it’s a sensible baseline to set.


Very valid point. The midi capabilities… a point I forgot.


I paired my DIgitakt with the Micromonsta… I can recommend that for the Octa as well :hugs:


Yeah I got an sp404 because of him lol I actually got an Octatrack because of del the funky homosapien but yeah he makes all his stuff mono too his engineer spices it up madlib