Ive got an octatrack but it needs a buddy

Was the Russian beer in the Moog Sub 32 box? :smile:
Cold war is definitely over?


if you like to experiment & like a challenge I say try out the Op-1, if you can get a decent price on one you can sell it & make your money back if you don’t like it.

Most people either love it or hate it. I can’t get enough of it.

Some say it’s limited for the price… like a toy… blah blah…but I don’t think so at all. So many possibilities. & even tho there’s only 4 tracks you can overdub as much as you want.

There are a lot of tricks as well to help with the no undo button, noise floor, pops/clicks in the tape, making full songs… it’s full of work arounds, just depends on if you’re ok with work arounds.

I feel like I’m playing an instrument when I use it. Like I’m the one making the song, not the machine… & there are so many things to explore on it. Endless sound design possibilities… it’s my favorite :yum:

Russian beer came first, unreasonable purchase ensued :grin:

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Better a cold beer than a cold war…


So true. Too hot. Couln’t resist! :beers:



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Does anyone know if the microkorg is able to be affected by a coatracks midi fx send like I’ve seen with other synths. Do I need a synth that is MIDI CC? sorry for being a newb I’m just trying to figure this out. Any similar synths that are midi fx compatible with Octatrack?

MIDI and fx are two separate things really. Octatrack has MIDI tracks which can be used to sequence other gear that can receive MIDI. Sending MIDI signals to other gear is kinda like having a robot that you programmed to play notes or turn knobs on the other gear, instead of you physically pressing keys and turning knobs the OT can send note values for key presses and MIDI CC for turning knobs. If the other device has fx and MIDI CC mappings for those fx, you could sequence them from OT.

OT also has fx that can be used on audio sent to it’s inputs from other devices using what OT calls a thru machine. It’s also possible to use the MIDI tracks to sequence other gear and have that gear be connected to OTs inputs and using a thru machine add fx to the incoming sequenced audio…

Hope that clears some stuff up, I know nothing about the microkorg but I bet it has MIDI functionality…

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I thought the Octatrack could affect another synth with its own parameter changed that would then be sent through midi to the other synth and that synths audio would change but not the note or channel. I could be wrong this is just based of something I read

Your probably thinking of MIDI CC then… OT can control the audio engines and other parameters of external devices by sequencing CC’s and has lfo’s that can modulate the CC’s…

I briefly looked at the microkorg manual and there are a lot of parameters listed in a chart that can be controlled by CC, not sure about all of them. Maybe someone who uses one will chime in…

I mostly do my stuff this way (i like to use my own samples…):

  1. make drumsounds with digitone
  2. put that drumsounds into the digitakt
  3. make synth voices with digitone
  4. use the octatrack as mixer for both, with fx modulated with scenes/slider

Sometimes I use the digitone inputs as guest inputs for other synths too (micromonsta, mb33, streichfett, monostation, 0-coast,…), because the fx are good, and why not.

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PersianHugs - Probs not a very fashionable response, but if you’ve got a recent PC/Mac and a good soundcard, consider Reaktor 6. In the user library there are great emulations of the classic drum machines, synths, samplers + plus way way more. With Blocs in 6 patching is easy to figure out. Use OT to clock and sequence say 8 modular synths in one Reaktor prog. on 8 midi channels. For me Reaktor 6 standalone syncs supper tight to the OT. Also a great tool to figure out what would suit you best in HW.

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And I’d assume it’d have any sound that a micro jorg would have and if I had a push in ableton it would control all of that.