Isn't the Analog Four the most incredible and deep instrument from Elektron so far?

A little something.

(Hihat is pretty meh, I have to investigate further how to make metallic cymbals on the A4.)


Hard to beat AR / ST Analog Cymbal machine with only 2 oscs imho.

What about creating an A4/AK topic for that ? I already worked on cymbals with OT and DN. Principle : Square waveform, with square fm mod.



OT topic.
Cymbals and metallic percussions synthesis lab


You’re forgetting noise + 2 audio rate LFO, and even PWM although it’s not that fast.


Lfos are part of the recipe. :wink:
And yes, noise help for cymbals attack, with lower S&H, but for best results, more oscs are welcome…

Also forgetting AM and Sync, sub oscs…

Btw I just made tests with A4, promising…

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I just hit play on this after forgetting I was routing my laptop system audio through my mixer and the big speakers turned up… thanks. :smiley:

(Sounds cool.)


That works amazing!!!
Quick test [A4]:

First example is two OSCs, second example one OSC. Both have a little bit of white noise added.


Yes I couldn’t decide if that’s a hihat or a ride.


:content: please post it here :
Cymbals and metallic percussions synthesis lab

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closed and open ride :slightly_smiling_face:

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It could be hit at the bell and at the rim, however the latter one would still sound different. But well, it’s electronic music IT CAN BE EVERYTHING BECAUSE


Oooh it is funny :laughing: it’s a joy to use this synth! 1 hour in and I found something that the last one hadn’t given me, in part is for the keys I think


Jeesus Christ!!

I’ve been tweaking a sequence with only the C2 note in a syncopated rhythm for almost 2 hours non-stop, exploring the ways the filter, AM, distortion and the oscillators work.
And I’m not even baked or using the main LFOs.

I adore this synth. It wasn’t the most instant gratification inducing Elektron box I’ve owned but rather an enigma that gives me glimpses of its unlimited potential the more I put time into it.

Often times I see posts stating that this synth sounds cold and flat. I think that is very untrue and I would go as far as to say that this synth sounds like no other device on this planet even when making very basic sounds, but when you push it that’s when the real magic starts happening.

I feel so lucky to have this kind of an instrument at my disposal.


It’s a hide? Nicely done. I’ve never really made a sound like that so maybe it’s time to give it a try.

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Wanted to add to this amazing thread the A4s FM capabilities (using LFO), the velocity modulation matrix (amazing), and neighbor track for filtering (very useful for adding polyrhythmic filtering to an FM track). Its sounds dark and cold to me but these features are priceless.


It’s a monomachine chopped in half and dipped in chocolate


I’ve been sleeping on the Analog Four because it always looked boring and seemed complicated to me. These are my impressions without spending time to research it. So i’m sure that i’m wrong as i see a lot of people praise it.
Could anybody here post one or two links of some interesting sounds or sequences? This would be very nice. I tried to find something but had no success so far. Thanks in advance!

No success because you looked at links and didn’t like them? Or because you couldn’t find links?

If the latter, there are lots of links in this thread of that people have posted because they thought they were interesting. If you go to the very top of the thread you can see a section called “popular links” that collects them in one place for you and ranks them by popularity. That would be a good place to start.

But if the former, you’ll probably have to say a little more about what you found, what you didn’t like about it, and what you’re looking for instead.


The problem is that if you type in “Analog Four interesting sounds” in youtube you might not find the real good ones. And somebody who knows the Analog Four a bit better than me might have one or two videos at hand that show off the potential of the Analog Four. Like i could post some good videos from the Digitone or the Model Samples right now because i know them quite well and watched tons of videos about them.
But thank you! I’ll try to find stuff in this thread.

And to be more exact, i’m looking for sounds that other synths can’t make.

I don’t know if this would please you, but everything synth in this track is A4 mk2 (not the samples obviously).

On this track, everything after 0:22 is A4 mk2 (first half is Monomachine):


Thank you! That’s more than interesting. :slight_smile: I’m impressed. Great stuff! It seems like one of its strengths is also how many different sounds it can make. I mostly heard bread and butter sounds from it which were cool but not really special. You got some very nice ones in there. The filter sounds quite good from what i hear. And i like the distorted sounds i hear in the first song and from other people’s tracks in here.

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Yes, I found they really nailed this distorsion compared to the mk1.

Right, with two filter stages and a multimode you can indeed get a lot of different flavors.
There are many precabled modulations (pitch, PWM, AM) besides the 2 LFOs (2 destinations both) so there’s a lot to explore…

I feel it rewards exploration a lot, but you have to accept to spend time on it, it’s not a Roland Boutique with immediate satisfaction.

Btw the two tracks are recorded in one live take, using the 4 tracks+FX track. I think I also used Direct Jump a bit on the first one.
That’s not something I can do on any other Analog synth, not mine at least.

Yeah, THE overlooked Elektron box IMO.