Is there any way to get audio tracks to send midi?

Dumb question but is there a way to get the sequencer to send out midi for the audio tracks?
I’ve been really enjoying writing tunes with the stereo out of model cycles in parallel with the midi driving a bunch of vsts and it would be great to use the same approach with the ot.

I know there’s a workaround with copying everything over to the midi sequencer but the value for me is the immediacy of the workflow on the elektron combined with the precision of using the midi in Live.

We all hope this will happen with the next big update that is coming (soon?). At least I am.

Wouldn’t hold my breath for any new functionality for ot.


Nope is the answer. And we’ll have to be super lucky to get an OT update. But if you really love that workflow but want to combine samples with your VSTs consider adding a Model:Samples into the mix :slight_smile:

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Bugger. Not holding my breath for an os update on a 10 yo machine. Thanks for the quick answers :+1:

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My OT is not 10 years old!

I hold my breath. AR has also got this update, right?

Elektron has stated more times that there will be no feature updates for the OT anymore, only bug fixes. The reason they gave was that the CPU was already on its limit.

Yes, they did. I would be already really happy when they will finally fulfill their (outstanding) promise.

But, of course, you’ll never know until it happens. Maybe it takes them so long, because there is more cooking than “just” bug fixes. Chance? Conditions on rec trigs? Trig preview? Multi-trig copy & paste? Crossfader support for midi tracks? The nice-to-have list is looong … :laughing:


Sorry, I just drifted into this weird dream were OT had Trig conditions for recorder trigs, multi trig editing, scenes for midi tracks, a dedicated fill button^^ :crazy_face:

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