Is there a way to use your DAW or Overbridge to chain patterns on the Digitakt?

Sorry if this has already been talked about(couldn’t find it) but I was wondering if I can use Ableton to basically make my own song mode?

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Also interested in this, too. Perhaps Logic or even Mainstage?

You can record or transfer the samples to Ableton then use the Drum Rack and internal MIDI tools to create your song OR you can wait Digitakt mk2, possibly it will be released in the next few years.

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Yes, but.

You can have Ableton send Program Change MIDI messages to the DT, which will trigger pattern changes, but the results are not smooth or predictable. Sometimes trigs get dropped, sometimes the pattern changes late. I’ve given up trying to emulate a song mode for DT using a DAW. Instead, I now use overbridge to resample the DT’s tracks into Ableton, and then go from there.


Yes. Send program change messages to the Digitakt and it will switch to the next pattern when the current one has played to the end.

To avoid the midi message arriving to late send it at least 1/16 before the current pattern end.

Works like a boss in Cubase.

Digitakt has Sequential pattern change mode so there’s no way go get it to switch for example instantly like on the Analog Rytm and Analog Four.

Not sure what the problem is with Ableton, might be something with “clips” sending midi program change messages when they get active or something like that.

Song mode in a DAW is best done in linear time mode if you ask me.


this. Ableton’s session mode is too chaotic for DT to keep up. a linear DAW is much better for crafting ‘songs’ with DT.

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That’s great! I’ll try to figure this out in ableton and if I can’t get it to work I’ll track it in another DAW and then import. Thanks!

When using DAW such as Logic to send pgm change commands, do you use the DAW as timing master using MIDI beat clock?

any idea how to do this with logic x ?

I’m not sure if this applies to all DAWs, but once I learned I could just send notes to the DT VST on CH16 to change patterns - it’s the only way I do it now.

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