Is there a way to deactivate Pad Velocity globally?


Heyja :slight_smile:

slowly starting to get into the Rytm again. First thing i instantly notice is that the Pad Velocity is still crap as hell !!!

Is there a way to deactivate that? So that steps triggered with the Pads are always triggered at full velocity (i.e. 127)?
I hope there is a way! Seems that Pad Velocity can still not be adjusted ^^



You can’t do it globally, the velocity mod behaviour is baked into sounds and therefore kits.
Never really had any issues with the feel myself, although the pads are too small to do fast two-finger rolls.

You can play the first 12 Trigs as fixed velocity strikes (100 velocity, is adjustable)


Make a standard-project with all your desired configurations and copy it.


velocity to volume - off
doing this for every track doesn’t take that long, find the setting and the focus stays on it even when you change the active track, quite easy to develop muscle memory for this.

better yet, hook up external pads to the AR


thx for your help guys. will check this out. its a shame that you still need to hook up other gear so that you can use proper pads :-/ why arent they finally implementing some settings to adjust the pad sensitivity? i mean … lots of people complain about that since the Rytm is out ^^

anyway … if i can deactivate velo for the pads per track its at least something. will have a look at that in a second.



might be worth checking any basic MIDI controller with pads. a beatstep or anything similar to it will probably do. with the beatstep you get the sequencer as a bonus as well :slight_smile:
playing the AR with pads other than the ones it comes with it’s a more rewarding experience for me :relaxed:


For constant velocity you can use the trigs or Fn+Pad


thx for that hint. is it possible to “lock” Fn while triggering the pads? somehow?

reason is: i wanna “play” chromatically, so i have to have my hands free. but as the sensitivity of the pads is useless to me (i have to hit the pads waaaay too hard) i cannot use them in the state they are. so i would like to play chromatically at full velocity (or at least at velo 100) and adjust the velo later via plocks.

its really a shame that the pads are finger wounding :-/ and that its still not fixed. using separate pads is no option for me. i havent spent 1500 € just to notice that i cannot use the built in pads the way they should be used ^^


Well IMHO the pads of an, MPD218 for example, are far better than pads on most drum machines. Full size too


“Should” is a big word. :smile_cat:

In “Sound” / “sound settings” you have to options that might interest you :

  • velocity to vol (on/off)
  • velocity mod : here, one can assign velocity to 4 parameters. Choose META/NONE to deactivate a modulation.

So if you need it you can suppress all these modulations and play the way you want.


I ran into this. The big problem is setting volume to velocity == OFF means the accents no longer work and the velocity parameter has no impact.

That is, of course, obviously what is expected based on the setting.

A work around would be to adjust AMP volume as needed.

But, there remains no elegant way to disable the pads’, and only the pads’, velocity as far as I can see.