Is there a Sampler/Synth with a dedicated Keyboard

Kurzweil builds a fine sampler with a keyboard. The Yamaha Motif also comes to mind.

Had one, gave it away. Sound quality was S%*#.

maybe that’s why I seldom see them for sale: people are just giving them away! :man_shrugging:

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Roland FA-06.

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Jeezums JamesM – That’s awesome!

Thirty two trig keys above the keyboard, would be great to change sequences and play on the fly.
Maybe a mode to quickly set start and end and select a sample with all those buttons or something?

Three mod wheels, and two crossfaders too! Maybe some sort of granular synthesis control with those.

I think things like editing samples and setting them and mapping them to keys quickly, has been a little cumbersome on the larger workstations like for instance the Korg Kronos. I think Elektron might do a better job with that as circuitghost noted above.

(I hope riffing on the idea here is OK and not too far off topic.)

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If this came out id buy it in an instant.

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What about an MPC Live with a keystep (or any other USB midi controller)?

The keystep plugs into the Live and gets power via USB, so it’s battery powered too.

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How about a Roland S-10? It’s a great sounding sampler, lots of good options for editing the sample, very nice keybed and very well built. Also, excellent built-in arpeggiator. No sequencer, but it would be fun to pair with a vintage standalone sequencer. If you see one for sale online though, please don’t bid on it; I’d like to have a second one and I want to buy it cheaply.

Here is a great video showing it being used.

It’s easy to find ensoniq ESPs for not a lot of money in good condition if you want a great sounding keyboard/sampler and don’t mind floppy disks or installing an aftermarket storage solution.

That’s not how this works cowboy :cowboy_hat_face:

Check this Akai beast

Also look on the Kurzweil K2000 series


Lol I’m just joking of course, scoop one up if you see one! Great keyboard.

ASR10… made all kinds of tracks on it for years, big on sound and resample thru fx. Really one of those samplers that transposing up or down adds unique flavors.


I had started a post to list the S-10 which was good for it’s day – 1986!

Please nothing personal about this Hawk – i’m sure there’s some very good sound in this machine still.
But so everyone can realize how good we have it now, thirty plus years later i quote this from vintagesynth:

“… 12-bit, 30kHz sample-rate. With only 256k of internal memory spread over 4 banks (64k per bank) you get a maximum sample time of 4.4 seconds (1.1 seconds per bank)”

Fortunately the 4 sample banks translate to 4-part multitimbrality in which the 4 banks can be played simultaneously, split and layered across the keyboard and so on.

Further edit parameters include sample trimming, looping, reverse, tuning, envelope editing, filtering, velocity effects and hi-pass or low-pass filtering.

There was a 15 kHz sample rate too if you needed to step up to a max sample time of 8.8 seconds and want to sound like a ‘telephone’. Plus you had the luxury of loading samples from a non-standard 2.8 inch floppy drive. Very speedy, that.


From our dear friend Harry Nyquit (the Nyquist rule) the 15 kHz sample rate gives a maximum frequency of 7.5 kHz. That’s what i mean by telephone.

Ahhh the good old days.

I think sabana has a good idea – there ought to be a modern sampling keyboard.

At this point in time and space, I’d get a 1010music BlackBox or a Digitakt and a Keystep.

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Black Box isn’t great for polyphonic content. Voice stealing and clipping takes away from an otherwise great experience. It can do four voices per track simultaneously, but when we’re talking pianos and stuff, it just doesn’t work that well. Not in my experience, at least.

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Oh nothing personal taken Jukka, it really is an ancient machine :joy: but you’re very right, there are some great sounds to be had from it as long as you put great sounds in. The specs are amazingly primitive, but in use it’s very sophisticated with most options you could want. Sampling dexed in 15 kHz mode sounds really nice.

I think a modern sampling keyboard is a great idea, if you made something with a lot of direct control focused purely on sampling, with great built in effects and multiple sampling engines… Really, I’d be super pumped if an update was released for the Digitakt that would enable some sort of poly mode.

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ASR10s can be had pretty cheap.

Prophet X is kind of like a sampling keyboard.