Is there a Sampler/Synth with a dedicated Keyboard

Preferbaly with a sequencer too. I know the OP-1 and Organelle have a sort of keyboard. But i d prefer the standard keybed. If not then whats the alternative.


Well, there are so many options…
Basically you are searching for a “keyboard workstation with sampling”.

How about hooking up a keyboard onto a daw like ableton? Much more cheaper in the beginning…

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There’s always the Digitakt Keys !



Yeah, why not?
digitone keys + octatrack. Killa! :smiley:

Digitakt keys would need a poly mode like the Monomachine.


Thats what ive got but would prefer a hardware alternative

But no sampler?

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That could work

Prepare to learn a lot if you pull the trigger.
Expensive, expensive too.

Why dont companies build such a thing anymore(aside from op1 and organelle).

Korg Kronos


The market for keyboard samplers was destroyed by the advances in computer-hosted sample libraries and DAWs.

The alternative is the USB/MIDI keyboard of your choice connected to the sampler of your choice.


Korg MS1 :grimacing:



Not exactly sure why you’re not gunning for a workstation, but if we assume you’re aware of those and still rule them out, then there’s still the Korg Kross to consider.

It’s a workstation with both a pattern and linear sequencer, battery powered, very light and easy to fit in a compromised space, onboard synth is great for the kind of keyboard this is, and it samples, records audio tracks, allows you to launch those samples from the sequencer and so on.

I’d say it’s the Electribe concept in the workstation format. As such, it remains in terms of interface a traditional workstation, but quite substanstial for the price.

I don’t agree with Peter Hanes that the market is destroyed for keyboard-based samplers. But the kind of actors that are leading in great hardware samplers now, don’t have a widepspread catalogue of keyboards to begin with. They’re either a bunch of controllers (Akai) or they offer one or two prime keyboards and that’s it (Elektron).

I’d love to see Elektron offer us their take on a workstation, heavily focused on samples, with their sound processing technology to boost. Seeing as so many hook up their Digitakts to keyboards, and even peripheral gear exist to make the Digi a polyphonic synth, I’d say the market is ripe. It only needs an actor to catch up.


yeah the Korg Microsampler is the last one I found interesting. pretty tough to find though; I think they didn’t sell very well and those that did get one aren’t selling. or that’s my guess.

hardware sampling is still an interesting thing versus a DAW, simply because the hardware lends it own character to the samples. and the process of sampling/editing might lead to results you wouldn’t necessarily get using the surgical/sterile environment of a DAW/audio editor.

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Im interested because it would make a great sketchpad for ideas and sort of fills a niche.

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The last one. Thats a pity.

If 1010 can sell the Black Box for a premium
price and Elektron release the Model:Samples and actually get away with it, I’d say hardware samplers are clearly desired. Bring on a keyboard take from Elektron and world peace won’t be long.