Is there a Factory Reset in Octatrack MK-2?

I just got my Octa MK2 today. It is used, so just wondered if:

1- is there such a thing as a ‘Factory Reset’ using Function/Power On like on the other Elektrons-DT and DN, or other way to do this?

2 - Is the A-B ‘slider’ supposed to be so loose and light like a feather and move with the slightest finger move? Thanks.

1: all your settings are on the card. register and download the factory content if you want that.
if you want a “naked” octatrack (i prefer to feed it with my own stuff) just delete everything on it, and let the octatrack create it’s structure. It would be better to learn a bit about the octatrack before you do such things.
2: yes! that is as it should be! otherwise you cant do fast wiggely wiggly thingies with it!



1: [:](:

2: yes

cheers and have a great time with your new OT!

what is the 'card? I didnt get anything with the unit except the box, cable and Flash. I bought it used off Reverb.

On the backside there is a slot, there should be a card in it. I guess we talking about the same thing (card - flash)…
Just connect with usb to your computer, you should see it as drive (read a bit the manual how to do that).

edit: read the manual. and before i forget: read the manual again.

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yes, Flash. thanks Gek.

In case I didn’t mention it earlier: read the manual, suck wisdom out of youtube (cuckoo, max marco, …)

start with small things and build upon that. don’t try to know and use it in all aspects it could do.


Thanks. have watched many vids on Octa from those guys casually in the past, but now I really need to study them …

This is the best Octatrack advice. When you approach it in small bites, it becomes much more manageable to learn.


I feel like a caveman and this thing dropped out of the sky…I picked it up outside my cave, and I’m staring at it with no idea wtf it does, I shake it, turn it over put it up to my ear and then I smell it.
Still nothing…


Spoiler: at the end of the movie, you and the OT will be reborn as an allmighty baby floating in space.


I recommend these so many times that I feel I should be on some kind of commission, but the Thavius Beck courses on are well worth a purchase. They absolutely will make sense of your Octatrack for you.

Fwiw, I’ve found that if you email the website asking if they’re running any kind of offers, they tend to come back to you with a sizeable discount code too.



Thanks, I’ve watched him a lot, I agree he’s great. They usually give me 5 free video module viewings per day I think.


I ended up buying them - good to always have them as a reference point on my phone

thx, will check it out.

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great courses, had an abo there for a while. Thavius Beck is a great teacher/artist.

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The 32 Flash I received with my used Octa mk2 only has the other owner’s personal samples or something on it. So, How do I get the original stuff that was on a factory brand new OT mk2 Flash? I have no idea what I am supposed to have. Thats the downside of buying a used machine…

Just register your Octatrack on and there will be a download in “My Sound Packs”. Its 4.9 GB big, “Octatrack MKII Factory Content”.


I’ve had the most success sticking to one task on the OT, at least to start. So for instance, just focusing on the sequencer and trig conditions, or cresting a bass line, or creating a melody, or live sampling, etc.

Trying to keep hyper focused will help to learn muscle memory to do certain tasks, so that when you’re being more creative you can just run with it.