Is M:S abandonware?

All I know is that right now I’m making more music on my M:S by itself than the rest of my setup put together and I couldn’t think of anything I’d want Elektron to add really.

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All I can think of that would be very useful is to switch the filter into a band pass mode, otherwise, right on, there’s not much more I’d want.

I would certainly use it if they ever added it.

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Definitely abandonware. It works perfectly, so no one should buy it.

The only feature request I think I’ve had for it was to add an attack setting. Maybe using a button combo like function plus the decay knob to be able to adjust attack. But, as I believe Ess pointed out, that would complicate things with Control All.

All in all it is a superb machine, with no bugs that I know of, and if Elektron abandoned it now, I would have no issues with that at all.

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(Though I would still like a band pass on the digitakt :dizzy_face:


I wonder how many precious hours are lost on software development to keep OB steady and running when DAW and computer brands keep rollin out updates. If it was me i went mental if i got OB finally running and stable and some luna decided to roll out something like Big Sur.:. Back to the drawing table. My guess is if BIg Sur wasn’t released my DT leds where dimmable in songmode by now. Same as M.S. updates


Yeah I would stand by if there is any neglected box on the elektron line up it is the Digitakt, it might well be because they just don’t have enough power to push it any further (still my favorite elektron box). M:S and M:C more or less feel feature complete for the price and the promise of them.

All that said it is doubtful any of the boxes are “abandonware” but more or less you should look at them as feature complete when you buy them. For the models line I think the only feature updates you might expect would be new sequencer features that come to the other boxes and even those might not be a guarantee.

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It would be interesting to see some real data on how stable OB is for people. It seems like for every person that complains two people pop up and say it is fine on their workstations, but two months later those two people could be the ones complaining it no longer works.

ah I didn’t mean to re-open the debate… it was more a joke about he fact that I’d said “we’re too entitled” and then I know in other threads I’ve been bemoaning the lack of bandpass in Digitakt.

Honestly my opinion is bandpass is the only missing feature though - otherwise it does it’s job well…


the only update I pray everyday the Model Samples will receive is the ‘live recording of sample scrolling via knob/lfo -sample slot’ like is capable on the Digitakt.!!!

this feature is vital!!!

Please Elektron, I’m begging!!!

Yeah, I guess for me it is the lack of the ability to set up live drum choke groups with multimap that the digitone got. A bit of a head scratcher that the drum focused box didn’t get that yet. Digitakt could also use a velocity mod matrix of sorts and more or less updates that address using external pad controllers as it really should work better with them. I dunno I agree about the entitlement thing but also a lot of the more or less quality of life features really should be addressed, while add new filter types or an extra lfo are more that would be cool type dream updates that shouldn’t really be expected to happen.


I don’t even own one, but i want to comment…

Other, functional, well designed, low end of market releases…that have limited features and just do what they promise…don’t get many firmware updates either…volca…and some behringer stuff for example…

Its not abandoned, it just does what it says on the box and therefore has successfully reached its goal…

It does sound entitled to start demanding more features after just 1 year… Elektron may never add more features to the Model releases and if they don’t then its o.k. to dream but not demand…imo


1 - this would bring it down from 576 sample slots to 128. No thanks.

2 - just make a chain and lfo the start parameter :+1:t3:


really, I didn’t know that, why is that?

DT/AR/OT sample slots all use the MIDI standard. Hence the limitation.

On MS sample slot is not a MIDI parameter. So there is no limitation
576 = 96 patterns x 6 audio tracks.


I see. :unamused:

No need to be sad, just make some chains! You have the same amount of sample RAM as DT, 64MB.


but would making chains switch exactly in the same way or would it be a pseudo work around?
would I have to apply a particular math to the chain to get it switching exactly like the sample slots