Is M:S abandonware?

It seems like M:S has been neglected when it comes to firmware updates. I was expecting Elektron to listen to their users and implement some of the features that are badly needed but nope, the last update was over a year ago. I am not holding my breath at this point but I was expecting better to be honest.


I would be surprised if Elektron update and improve the Model series’ firmware with the same regularity as their more expensive lines. That being said, I’d imagine both will get the odd update from time to time.

I don’t think it’s fair to call them abandonware though. It’s only been a year…


And a Covid year where everyone’s working remotely at that


You are way too kind. If they cannot handle such a large product line, they should stick to fewer products that they can properly support. It’s why Sequential has lost my business permanently. Just like @bluesmoke complaint about the M:S, I have the same complaint regarding the Pro 3. Over a year, and only a single update. Unacceptable at $300, a crime at $1600.

Are there any blocking problems or bugs with the M:S?
I’m more happy when updates are less frequent, especially if needed only for new features.
Do not touch a working system.


Is it?

Like, if there’s really big glaring firmware problems, like with the Typhon and it’s MIDI issues, I’d expect a company to get on with the necessary patches and updates to fix them asap (which I believe Dreadbox did).
But if it’s just ordinary updates to add requested features or more toys, I have little to no expectations and certainly wouldn’t be angry about it.


I cannot remember big flaws and bugs from when I had one.
Expecting them to implement features that where never sold and blame them for not doing so, is a very bad habit! Why did you buy a device that miss features so badly, that you flame on the internet about it?


You’re right. If it’s about FEATURES, I agree. But if it is bugs, then it is unacceptable.

I have never owned an M:S. But in the case of the Pro 3, it was all about bugs.


It has bugs on previous firmware, but now it’s stable but I’m not against update :joy:

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Fair enough then.

It is annoying when bugs don’t get dealt with.


Are not the model series working?? Call me the manager!


Honestly I think we are a little over-entitled when it comes to feature updates on hardware. M:S is a cheap little box that does some cool stuff, and - as far as I know - doesn’t have bugs. I think people should buy products for what they are, not what they could be. Like, we’re happy(!) to pay for a new version of Ableton, but expect our hardware to be updated endlessly for free?

New features, to me, are a bonus, not a right.


Are we talking new features or bugs here?

There are no bugs. The only reason to complain about the M:S is the pads, and those can’t be fixed with a firmware update.

Otherwise the M:S is pretty much perfect for what it is. No update necessary.


The M:S was such a brilliant move by Elektron. An inexpensive offering that gave customers a taste of the Elektron workflow and without diluting the value of the other products. Throw in the established community, an upgrade here and there, and it’s enough that when you start to get decent you wonder what else you might be able to create with a little bit more Elektron gear.

It really doesn’t need much more value than it already has… anything else just seems like a wish list or something that can be accomplished by a third party app


Right, I’d love additional machines on my Rytm, but I don’t feel my M:S or M:C are “incomplete”. Wouldn’t complain about additional options (or a new M:C model) but beyond firmware updates for updates’ sake, I’m not frustrated by the relative stability :stuck_out_tongue:

People start to find out that Elektron is not going to listen to their requests… I would only have asked to change the navigation in the samples folder, is a total headache, that always return to the same folder, I’m lazy to start a new project for this reason.


abandonware is a strong word, but I dont think we should expect updates that regularly.

M:S are functionnal the way they were meant to be released. It needed a few bugs to iron out here and there and the sample locks was the cherry on top.

I dont necessarly expect much more tbh.


Not trying to derail the thread here but for whatever it’s worth, my pro 3 seems to work without issue.

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Hell yes. But especially because Elektron looks after us so well with so many unexpected extras over a product’s lifetime. They are world’s apart from the giants like Roland, Korg etc, that actually do give up on products simply because they make so many of them.