Is trustworthy?

Anyone here with an impression on this shop? Seems to have a few negative fb on trust-pilot.

When I was looking for my mpc one, this site kept coming up.

I’d not heard of them before, so gave them a look and I too, wasn’t convinced of they’re legitimacy.

I got the impression they were more like an ‘Ali Baba’ style of set up, where you can buy everything, including the kitchen sink.

When I had a virtual chat, and responses to the emails I sent, I was left with a feeling that they didn’t have a clue about the product I wanted to purchase, and were pushing me to pre order on something that they had no clue on when it would be in stock. A pre order is all well and good, but you need something in terms of a date. To say a few weeks is one thing but to suggest that it may not be in ever, but to still suggest you pay, feels a little off.

I looked at some reviews and wasn’t able to find any that were glowing, and most related to negative experiences and difficulties with refunds for defective or delayed items.

Take that as you will, and ymmv, however I opted to go with a seller that I knew were legit.


all the good reviews are 5 stars and on the same day which is suspect.


I’ve come across it a few times, spider sense said to give them a wide berth, mostly to do with the trust pilot reviews mentioned above.

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If I may and I do not work for them but live in Prague and nearby. It looks like its a UK eshop of our Czech store from Prague. I bought almost all equipment there worth of tens of thousands Euros. From my Octatrack, Prophet 6, Moog DFAM / Subsequent, OPZ etc. They have it all despite their name “guitar” . These guys are top notch in customer service and returns. They have 30 days moeny back rule. Also were voted as one of the best e-shops in Czech for many years. So, from my point of you, you can’t go wrong. If you want to see the shop itself (renovated like six months ago go to see this site - they do exist and are genuine -


i bought my octa from their polish website. first they sent it to a different city like 300km away from me (thank god i chose the cash on delivery payment), then after i sent them an e-mail they picked it up from the guy that received it on accident and sent it to my house. The courier wouldnt take my money so a had to send yet an another e-mail so they could bill me. In the end everything was fine but i dont think ill ever order anything as expensive as a synth or sampler from them again

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Bought an Octatrack from them and other than it taking a week longer than expected for delivery because it came from Poland (I thought they might have had a UK warehouse or something, it wasn’t that clear) the experience was great.

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Ordered a number of things from them, no problems, delivery was fine to the UK.

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I do believe everything is sent from Prague, not from Poland.

Yes, it’s a Czech company; they’ve been in business well over ten years. One of the two biggest retailers in the country. Interesting to hear they’ve gone international. A number of costs (employees, warehousing) are sure to be cheaper than in western Europe.

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Yeah, your right, I read Poland further up the thread and got that in my head.

Thanks for all the replies, as a couple of you had decent experiences, I decided to take the risk, as its the only place with a Korg Minilogue XD - limited white edition.

I was IMing with them, they advise they have it in stock and say it will be dispatched today - so ill report back on my experience. You can also pay by Paypal so there is a bit of protection there.

I probably wouldnt have gone for it if they advised it was pre-order.

I bought a Bass Station off them about 3 years ago. I showed them the lowest price on the internet in the EU and they equaled it. Then the power supply packed up after a couple of months or so. They replaced it with a much more sturdy looking / feeling one, which has worked since. So from me they get :+1:

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I got my midi mio 10 from them. Took a while and a few emails for them to process my sent money and a bit longer to send. However it was the cheapest online. Take what you want from it. Seem ok but I’d rather go with someone else after that first interaction

Received the XD, must say very quickly and they were helpful over the chat function. Does however seem to be missing a USB cable… I’m sure they will sort it out when I go back to them.

Hi guys,

Wish I had seen this post earlier. I ordered a BOSS DD500 and a BOSS RV500 from here “Kytary”
I should have been more careful when I checked the website and phone number it looked like a UK based company so I went to my Paypal and paid for the 2 FX pedals.
I was told I would receive a tracking number next day which never came so I then opened their live chat and was then told the parcel would be dispatched on the 19th May 8 days after I ordered originally then today I just messaged again and they said the item was being processed still.

I told the guy to cancel my order and asked for a refund he said they’ll be in touch in a while and I said just do the refund he said sorry he would have to speak to someone soon.

So I paid out £577 out my Paypal account and have just opened a dispute… How long will it take to get my money if I get it at all?

I mean I ordered gear from Thomann on Friday gone and it all arrived today yet this Kytary UK don’t even reply for days just saying items being processed.

Oh and Paypal have said I have to wait till Friday to escalate a claim??? WTF?? I paid instantly for the goods so surely this shop just hits the refund button their end no?



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I had a similar experience. You need to press them to deliver. But I assure you they do. It is very unprofessional.

Hi they already cancelled my order tonight as I was tired of them making different dispatch dates. They said items were in stock and being sent then they said 5 days later that they were still processing.
Hopefully tomorrow when open they refund my Paypal account so I can order elsewhere.

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I would take a chance on them again, having had a good experience…and based on the price but I would use the chat function to get an explicit date they will def be sending on before I placed the order.

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