Is it worth getting A4 Mk1 for 60% of Mk2?


I can only speak for the mk1 but it fits incredibly well in my mixes. I take the sounds as they are, I rarely feel the need to eq them.
The two filter combination of the A4 helps here in general


snagged a mk1 for about $550, best synth purchase i’ve made tbh.

i have heard that the sound of the mk2 is a bit more precise/clean, and the overdrive and filters have been reworked, which certainly changes a part of its character, but for less than half the price, the mk1 is still a fantastically capable and great sounding synth. unless you really like the sound of it or absolutely need individual voice outputs, i’d say the mk1 would do you very nicely.

also, it sits a lot more snugly next to my digitakt ;3


Here’s a great video comparison of the A4mk1 to the A4mk2.

I went with the mk2.
Phatter sound and that oled display with the backlit buttons is sexy.


This right here - A4 Mk1 fits perfectly surrounded by DT and DN which I also plan on getting eventually :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ve seen this. If anything, this video made me want Mk1 even more, because it shows how much has been improved since its release and the thumbnail in particular shows the difference in footprint of both versions & that’s something really important for me.


then your decision is made I reckon :wink:


I guess so :smiley:


A4 Mk1. Definitely. The MK2 might sound “fatter”, but for a Poly-Synth this isnt always what you want. Plus you easily get that Bass back with the MK1 when you boost around 27 with the second Filter, enough Resonance and Filter Tracking on! Earth shaking, Speaker killing. No problem! :slight_smile:

And: You have OB already available. So you dont have to wait forever until OB2 will finally be out. You miss the individual Hardware Outs though. On the MK1s its only the AK that has these.


Hell no… I got an A4 mk1 for 600€ and although I sold it for some reasons, I consider it an excellent synth. Very capable in drums too.


Just curious, what made the A4 mk1 lose its value drastically? Anyone?

Yes I know the mk2, but even with that shouldn’t the A4 mk1 be at least somewhere around 800 or so considering the mk2 is 1300 new.

The mono & machinedrum held it’s value well.
Octatrack mk1 for the most part also.


Mk2 is 1,150 euros on most sites.


Not sure. The arse really feel out of the market in the UK though. I could make some tenuous link to Brexit but pure speculation!


good question. even the rytm mk1 has held its value considerably better. the a4 seems to be the only mk1 elektron box that has seen any profound drop in value over time.

works out in my favor, though :3 makes something that was originally quite expensive a lot more accessible to us synthesists who may not have as much disposable income to spare for new hardware. the amount of flexibility that comes with the a4 mk1 is really unparalleled by any other analog polysynth at its current price point.


My personal views:

Mk1, easier to carry in a bag to your friends house for a jam session

Looks cooler

No oled flickering:)

Need fatter sound? Spend the rest in the RNC compressor


Does anyone know how he got that shaker sound? It sounds really good…Just some white noise cleverly filtered with use of p locks on decay, pitch?


MK I all the way, the price diff is just too good


the most common complains you read about the mk1 is that it can’t do basses and it can’t do pad sounds well. There are two big threads here with many tips and examples that prove that it can do both well (of course pads only with 4 note polyphony).

But I (and many others) think, that it’s not a synth with sweet spots all over it. You have to spend time with this synth, find its sweet spots, learn its behaviour and some cool tricks. There are many workarounds for certain things. But in general, it sounds like an A4, with its own character and huge versatility

Aaand a big bonus, where people all seem to agree. It can do amazing analog drums


it really can. the noise section & dual filters contribute to that strength considerably.

i’ve certainly also made some decent bass sounds with it, as well as a few pads, and i think if anything it just encourages you to think differently about how to go about creating those sounds. just another source of inspiration imo :3.


I am currently ignoring the sequencer Part and Just concentrate on the Synthesis engine. Try the following: poly setting with all Tracks enabled, Voice Rotation on and load the Same one Preset to all Tracks. Now tweak Tune and envelopes setting for each Track slightly different. Turn on a slow Arp and Press Just one Key…
Add FX as you Like.

A4 is, No Matter which Mark, a very giving synth.


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