A4 deep bass tips?

Just wondering if any of you guys have any good tips for how to do strong and deep bass sounds.

As an example: I have a Monotribe that’s really good for doing just that if you just crank the filters resonance and turn down the cutoff.

I’m just not sure if it’s a limitation of the A4’s capacity to actually make that good old bass I want or if it’s me. Who is to blame? And will Elektrons next machine be named “Analog Bass”? Who knows, anyway…


that is a REAL good question!

you know about the transpose option ? i assume you do …

when i work with my MD and pitch shift base hits down, and use beat repeat I get reasonable low frequencies which I hoped to obtain from A4 …

… also that is a reason why I want to get a MnM …

looking forward to other users experiences and input!

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One way I’ve found to boost the bass is to use the Filt2 in high pass with a high resonance. Start from the min frequency and turn it up until you get the bass boost you’re looking for. Fine tune it with the resonance. If you set the tracking to 32 the boost will track the note played. I’ve been able to get really big sub bass like this.


The monotribe is indeed a beast for bass !
The key to it is the resonance of the filter to get a gnarly, harmonic - rich low end.
To approximate that behaviour on the A4, I have found that you need :
Pulse oscillator
Overdrive to max
Filter 1 cutoff quite low
Filter 2 in hi pass with resonance, sweep from the bottom until satisfied

That should get you monstrous bass lines in no time :slight_smile:
Cheers !


I haven’t tried this on the A4 since I got mine fairly recently but if you can crank the resonance up so the filter will self oscillate it should create a thick bass. Perhaps someone can post if the A4 is capable of that.

indeed the filters are key in this endeavor. As halifax mentioned a resonant high pass with tracking set to 32 works wonders. Try the peak filter type here as well.
One other fantastic trick that’s been discussed in this forum is the use of the feedback waveform in osc1. set osc1 to this waveform and then turn up the level of osc2, set it’s waveform to “off” and set AM1 on page 2 of osc2 to “on.” mess with the settings of filter 1 and the tuning of osc2 and you’ll find it’ll spit out a range of lush and unique low end tones, along with an array of other weird shit.


I never use VCF1, just VCF2 in LP2 mode. No KBD tracking, low cutoff and resonance somewhere in the lower 1/3 region.

This is the bass sound i came up with:

Plenty deep for me.


I think I’m going to make a tutorial vid on this, there are so many ways to get good bass but it’s not very trivial. I can name a few things:

  • Use a little overdrive (15 -20) on the saw
  • don’t use the saw waveform, use pulse
  • Feedback osc
  • Add a little chorus
  • hp filter with keytracking like mentioned above

it’s kind of odd you read that some people have a problem with bass on the A4, even Elektron mentioned better bass for the AK :slight_smile:

personally, I haven’t found a problem pulling bass out of the A4

this will be an excellent reference thread

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Keep in mind - that ripping bass line in a great tune has less to do with getting a great ‘deep’ patch and more to do with balancing even a modest bass patch with the rest of the mix - Bass is an illusion that is brought out by great mixing. Just about ANY synth, especially an analog synth can do enough bass for that top 10 Beatport hit. The A4/AK are certainly no exceptions



Anyone know how to set the Peak filter to key track? I think the PK filter sounds great when boosting low frequencies.

True but there are 2 things that make it a little more complicated on the a4. The waveform, especially the saw gets thinner pulsewidth in the lower registers, cutting out alot of bass. The other problem is the filter decreasing the volume fast when closing.

Well, I’ve tried some of all the numerous tips you guys posted. Still haven’t found that special bass that just get’s into your stomach and out of your neck. But I’ll have to give it some more time.

and yes, the mix of course, but no :slight_smile:

I’m actually not sure if “deep bass” means the same thing for everyone. E.g. a friend of mine thinks the Minibrute has a really deep and good base and I’m willing to agree to a certain level, but I still think it lacks something in the bottom, it’s like it is a bit hollow. Maybe the Monotribe has twisted my mind. Or maybe I should just sell all my gear, move to the countryside and become a farmer instead…anyway!

Thanks for all the answers and I would love to see a vid on this SB-Six.

and yes, the mix.

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if you like the bass from your Monotribe, you can use it as a voice for the A4, sequencing it via CV and routing it back in… just in case you haven’t tried this yet. You’ll need some amplification between the MT and the A4 cuz the MT’s output is a bit quiet…

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My god… didn’t know that the MT actually had CV control. Then I read your post, and then I googled.

Seems like I need to get me a cable!


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Maybe yall need better/louder subs. haha

I was just playing around with mine and if i have FLT2 in HP2 mode with freq between 28-31 and Res anywhere above 60… my house rattles. Multiple settings elsewhere in the patches, and always, if i have FLT2 set up like this it becomes insta-bass-of-death… thats a bit over exaggerated, but it gets “big” to the point where i cant quite do much else in any lower frequency range.

It might not sound as CRAZY as some of the retarded over compressed over mastered stuff out there “the kids” are listening to these days, but the A4 definitely sounds as big and bad as a lot of other synths ive had my hands on… if not more biggerer and badderer.

At this point im afraid that when my AK shows up, my house might explode from all the “finer tuned BASSNUTSCRAZYBROWNNOTE circuitry”.


Maybe you need a Moog :wink:



OK, try this…

Level: 80
SUB: Off
PW: -20

Filter1: Fully open, no rez, overdrive, tracking or EG depth.
Filter2: Frq: 36
Res: 45
TRK: +16
DEP: +5

ATK: 0
DEC: 127
SUS: 127
REL: to taste. I have it at 30

ATK: 0
DEC: 55
SUS: 0
REL: Match the VCA EG release.

If that isn’t enough, mix in the Sub Osc, or Add OSC2. See if that helps.