Is it worth buying digitakt just for the midi sequencing

I’m interested in getting a digitakt, but only for the midi sequencing side of it, rather than splashing out on an OT. 8 midi tracks should be more than enough.

Bit miffed though as DT only has 8 audio tracks which means only 8 samples at a time. But i have a MD UW+ MkII so that base is covered.

The DT is enticing though.

Or… get an awesome midi sequencer like a Yamaha RS7000/RM1x/QY-xxx; Akai MPC-xxxx; Roland MC-x0x, E-Mu Command Station, Social Entropy Engine, Squarp Pyramid, Synthstrom Deluge… tons of great midi sequencers out there.


or … simply buy a Digitakt :slight_smile:


If you like the Elektron sequencer (conditional trigs, parameter locking…) sure, it’s a nice one.

Keep in mind its limitations though, 4 note midi polyphony, 64 steps (which you can extend with workarounds), and no song mode. Also, setting the notes for each step is a bit slow, I personally like to use an external keyboard for that.

If you can live with that, it is a great little box.


I’d go for the Digitakt. OT has arpeggiator, more LFOs and more CCs. But DT is cheaper.

Note: Digitakt/OT cannot transpose any track - that’s is an “avoid-purchase” for me.

The others suggested are nice, but they are too old, lack step sequencing, lack stock or they are too old

Depending on what gear you want to sequence and what sort of music you’re making: YES, it is!

Bought it mainly for this reason and I don’t regret it. The 8 sample tracks come in handy too, but I mostly use it for the sequencer tracks and they work just fine.

I sequence a 303 and a Blofeld (in multitimbral mode, 3 to 5 tracks usually do the trick) with it.

DT is rather cheap (compared to the OT at least), its very intuitive, i like the form factor, you get all the parameter locks and trig conditions (could use those on your MD, too!)

Missing Song Mode isn’t much of a deal breaker for me (I would use it though :slight_smile: )

hope this helped…

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i like the immediacy of the elektron way of sequencing. i’ve had quite a lot of midi step sequencers pass through my hands, sequentix P3, roland mc, x0x, beatstep pro, monomachine, OT etc etc

Social Entropy Engine, i had a prototype one, very nice but too much button pressing and a cryptic screen.
Squarp Pyramid, never owned one, looks quite nice, but seems fiddly and complex and expensive.
Cirklon, would love one, but vastly expensive, the price has increased, a long wait time.

I don’t mind the limitations of the DT, i mainly do mono sequencing anyway, if i play chords it’s all done by hand. entering sequences by keyboard is good for me, much quicker that way.

And those trig conditions are a bonus.

you can p-lock the sample source, so it’s more like “only 8 samples simultaneously” you can easily use more than 8 samples in a pattern.

just in case that helps.


DT’s MIDI sequencer is more capable than the OT’s (chords, note overlaps), so given a choice between the 2 I’d go with the DT. Personally I have never liked the MIDI side of Elektron sequencers, but the DT is (in my opinion at least) the best iteration so far.

You can do chords on the OT though.

I didn’t think the DT was capable of note overlaid on one track? Can get around it on the OT by using another track on the same channel. Thought it was the same with the DT?

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You’re right, my memory is bad. OT can do chords, but no note overlaps. That drove me mad. I could also be mistaking the note overlap capability with the DN sequencer. Apologies for any misinformation!

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If you want to use the Elektron workflow, i would buy a used OT mk1 instead of a DT for midi sequencing : it has a nice midi arpegiattor, 3 midi LFOs which make it more complete than the DT.


…simple question…simple answer…takt only for it’s midi capabilities?..defenitly…NOPE.


don’t want to buy a s/hand OT, already had one before and sold it. as it was a waste of a machine,
and too complex for other stuff as well. i will prob use the digitakt as a sampler/drum machine
as well as it’s midi sequencing capabilities. plus i like the smaller size of it.

looks like it may be a purchase after all!

If you don’t need the sound engine, get yourself a decent sequencer.

I would recommend to check out the Squarp Pyramid. IMO its step sequencing features are similar to most features of the Elektron sequencers, but it comes with 65 tracks, is a linear sequencer too, there is much more polyphony, and it is very easy and quick to work with.


No song mode, and you can’t save pattern chains. Hell no I wouldn’t buy a DT for sequencing. That would be like buying an acoustic guitar to play in an AC/DC cover band.

There are plenty of FULLY capable midi sequencers available that would do the job at a much much lower price. Look at some of the older Yamaha sequencers as an example.

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cheers, i know of the older yamaha QY sequencers etc, they don’t have things like step skip, probability etc.

so now it’s a toss up between DT and the Pyramid!

+1 for the Pyramid. It’s a beautiful piece of kit. and is very capable and intuitive.

Stray thought if your not in a hurry – Five12 is making a largish Eurorack interpretation of their Mac based Numerology sequencer. They showed it at Superbooth 18 (look back) and it is probably (who knows?) available before the end of the year. Looked well designed – easy to use but still powerful.

It’s got two midi outs plus USB host and client. Should be just below the Pyramid price. The supplemental Five12 module, with extra CVs, to the right, is extra cost.

ADDED: Indeed Five12 is taking pre-orders now, as of a week ago.

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If you are able to wait for a sale, you might be able to get Digitakt for cheaper. I got mine new from a seller on with 15% off. I love mine, I’m using it to sequence a Novation Drumstation and Korg MS2000r. I would say I’m sequencing midi 75% and 25% samples. Conditional trigs or steps are awesome. Can’t go wrong with the Digitakt.