Is it true or am I fooling myself?

Hey people! Last night i was playing with Analog Keys and Rytm, and I was having one of AK tracks out in the input of Rytm, and it sounded like the input was sidechained?

Was i just hearing bonkers? Can the input of Rytm have a ducking effect? That would be cool!

The external inputs run through the AR’s compressor, which has a sidechain function (in that there a few options for EQing the main stereo buss to adjust how the compressor responds). It’s not the type of sidechain where the compressor only reacts to an external sidechain input signal but it can easily create a noticeable pumping effect.


Thanks a lot for your response @finalform!
Could you possibly recommend me some values for a nice compression settings on the RYTM? Not too over compressed, just rightly balanced? I am actually inputting just the bass track of Analog Keys so that it won’t conflict with the kick too much…
Any feedback or response hugely appreciated!

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