Compressor settings?

Hey, so I’m having some trouble getting good sounds of the comp. I know it’s possible, I’ve heard some of you guys raving about it, but the sweet spot seems so narrow that it’s either crushing everything or having no effect at all. Would anyone care to share some of their successful settings as a little starting point?

My basic settings look something like this.
Make Up gain- 53

You can mess with the attack and release, probably a faster attack and a slower release. The threshold is really the key, dialling it it back and forth to get the sweet spot. There is also a gain reduction meter so you can tell how much its squashing the signal. You’ll want to have this jumping a bit for sure, the more pumping you want the more it should be bouncing. Naturally if you are reducing the gain by a lot, you will have to increase the make up gain more, and in doing this you will enhance the pumping sound you already have going. That is how I use it mostly. I haven’t been able to get really side-chained like FX, but that is not so much my style, so I haven’t tried to hard. Hope this helps a bit!

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i don’t use the internal compressor. i tried, but it doesn’t’ seem to do anything i would want at that stage.

I’ve found the compressor to be totally usable with general drum compression settings.

A slow attack (10-30ms) to let the transients through and a super fast release.

The compressor volume turned up to max so the makeup gain doesn’t have to be used much because it adds a lot of noise.

Compression ratio is sort of program dependent but I probabaly wouldn’t go higher than 4:1 unless you were really trying to smash the signal or using parallel compression with the MIX parameter.

SEQ affects the filter for the internal sidechain. Not having an actually sidechain input makes this function not entirely useful and I would only set it to OFF, HPF, or HIT unless you are deliberately going for a pumping effect. Which I would say is better left to compressors with a real sidechain so the bass from other instruments can duck while the drums come through.

Then set the threshold until the meter is slamming with your beat and it should sound great.

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