Is it possible to mute pickup tracks on pattern change?

Ok im still getting to know my OT I have a question Im hoping is an easy one.

Is there a way to tell a pickup track to mute, or stop, or lower volume when in one pattern and then come back in on another - without live manually pressing start stop buttons?

Im using Arranger to switch patterns as part of my arrangement and dont want the loop playing through all of them.

but the pickup machine does not have trigs so it continuously plays through the pattern change.

I did figure a workaround using a neighbor machine with a plock trig on step 1 to turn the volume down. This works, but feels very wasteful of a track.

is there a cleaner solution - Can OT send midi track mute data to itself?

Why use a neignbour machine and not p-lock the pickup machine directly on the amp page ?

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im still very new to this, but dont you need a trig to plock? pickup machines dont allow trigs from what i cant tell.

Mmmm never used pickup machine in 3 years with the ot. You could maybe use a design lfo to modulate amp page in this case.

Let’s call our mighty master to the rescue.

From the deep of the abyss, @sezare56 I summon you to this thread !

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Im hoping for something like the program ‘purple’ mute mode on the digitakt/tone. but doesnt appear to be anything similar on the OT. hoping im wrong.

OK - I think Ive found it covered here. Patterns and Track Muting

Learned I can accomplish what im after with the arranger though a little bit of a pain.

A little disappointing that the OT doesnt have pattern mute mode like the Digis. I REALLY would love an OT that included the advances in the digis! seems so possible and like an easy add in a firmware update.

How then?
Arranger track mutes don’t work with Pickups?
Wouldn’t be a surprise.
It’s possible to mute tracks with scenes in arranger.

Yes, with midi loopback.

OT was made quite a long time before Digis. I wouldn’t count on different mute modes. Bpm per pattern eventually. Probability and trig preview would be nice.


The arranger does mute pickup machine tracks so that works. Its a little annoying that it adds another step doest make those as easily accessible as the program mute mode.

I may try using MIDI loopback tracks as mute triggers. not sure if that will be easier or not. I dont even know how to set that up yet!


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