Is it better to convert your samples to mono before upload?

Can anyone recommend a simple stereo to mono sample batch converter?

I gather the digitakt sampling and playback are mono. I imagine it will save a lot of room on the drive if its not going to play stereo samples in mono.

(or does it automatically do it for you on upload?)

It converts (sums) your stereo samples for you so no need to convert them.

It’s in the manual :wink:


Is this what it actually says, I read recently the AR converts by stripping a channel (which is a simpler process) ?

I prepare all my samples beforehand (& not so often in any case), so I never need to contemplate what happens during the conversion at upload


yeah, i say convert first just to be sure the sample comes out the other end sounding the way you want.


audio ease sample manager or sox (freeware but commandline-based) is good for batch processing bitdepth/samprate/channelcount on the mac at least

I couldn’t find that bit in the manual so far. I’ve only had it out the box an hour lol. Just eager to get some of my samples in it. :smiley:

just make sure you archive a “duplicate” of all the samps you send to the DT. Currently there is no way to get the samples back from the DT, so you might wanna have a “backup” on your HDD


Have sampled a lot of stereo samples already and they sound great after conversion within the DT. I wouldn’t unnecessarily complicate things tbh :wink:

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From the manual:

“Elektron Transfer automatically converts all audio files to 16 bit, 48
kHz, mono audio files, the Digitakt native audio format.”


" Press [SAMPLING] to access the SAMPLING menu and then use DATA ENTRY knob G to set
SOURCE to EXT L+R. The stereo signal is summed to mono in the Digitakt."

I’m guessing they convert samples in the same manner, but I could be wrong of course. This is easy to find out by listening to a sample where a drum is first hard panned left then right. :slight_smile:


But the conversion takes place before sending !

Do the test, I think someone did this for the AR and it was a dropped channel, it sends the Left iirc


I know, that was why I added the last part of my post. Going to Upload another batch. Will see if I can confirm.


Is there any way to see how much room is left on the +drive? I can’t seem to find anything in the menus.

Hey there fellow elektronauts!

I have a question regarding transferring samples to the digitakt (using elektron transfer).

I have a bunch of iwantthatsound samples (which are great).
But when I transfer them to my digitakt (using elektron transfer) they sound pretty bad (especially the kicks).
Can this be because of the conversion process? Is this only due to a stereo to mono effect? or can it be a suboptimal conversion process (within the digitakt).

Do you guys think I would get better results if I convert the samples to mono myself before transferring them to the digitakt?


If I’m not sampling directly from the DT Inputs I always prepare my samples in Renoise.

So in Renoise I created a matrix of around 30 of my favourite effect plugins, all of them disabled and as I need, I’ll activate them and move them around depending on what I’m looking for. Then I load samples that I want to work with in the sampler, and try to take the best character out of each one. If the sample is stereo I’ll find if sounds better from the L or R or SUM LR. I work always in 24/88 and at the end convert down to 16/48.

Suming the LR will not give you the best results every time. You can definitely loose the definition and impact of the sample by doing so because you can have conflic of frequencies that will cancel or sum.

For this kind of analytical work I like to use Etymotic ER4XR headphones paired to DAC/Headphone amp Chord Mojo. There’s a great synergy between them that lets me ear every detail to extreme. Reverb and compression becomes easier to dial and find the perfect spot. I’m super grateful to own such equipment :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, good advice.

I found a good app to batch convert with lots of options and flexibility (izotope rx6).
I still find it tricky to decide on the best L/R balance, It looks like just adding them together 50/50 does give the best result most of the time although I agree there are exceptions. In your experience, do you agree? Is this something you could ‘predict’ when looking at the waveforms?

No need to convert samples to mono beforehand, the Elektron Transfer app does this for you and sends only the L channel of a stereo file to the Digitakt. Verified this myself yesterday using a stereo file with clearly distinguishable channels (test tones). The R channel is dropped.


Oh yeah sorry my bad :aw: I was busy researching how to convert my drum samples to mono for the Digitakt so I was still in that mindset. In all my cases the stereo is only for spatiality so I am actually quite happy that Elektron Transfer only takes one channel, I don’t have to worry about phase issues then :thup:


If it only takes the left channel and discards the right, what is the point of plugging in L&R cables? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just plug one lead into the left side?

@TornadoTed no I meant the Elektron Transfer app (uploading samples via USB), not the inputs on the Digitakt

I so in LOVE for Batch sample with MYRIAD it’s not cheap but affordable and it’s cover all your Batch Sample needs ever ! ( mac software i forget to mention it )