IPAD samples question

My PC finally died on me. I don’t see me getting one anytime soon. Is there a way to get my sample files from my cloud — to ipad (I can do that)… but transfer my samples from the ipad to the OT without having to resample or jailbreak… t hanks

The next ios (13) allows direct access to files. At the moment i dont think its possible.

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Do you have a computer? WE Transfer could help.

So I’ll beable to connect my OT right to my IPAD in the next IOS? I don’t have a PC… what is WE transfer?

Seems so

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What @xidnpnlss already quoted…

I can confirm that IOS13 is supporting direct filetransfer from and to a Octatrack using the OT USB-cable and a lightning- or USB-C adapter.

When connected the OT is showing in the IOS13 File Manager.

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this is awsome :blush: thanks everyone now i just have to wait for it to be released… i know this is a far shot… but theres no way to do similar thing with the model samples? if not ill probably just sell it since it doesnt get much use… but i stll find it handy

Why not buy a £50 laptop ?
Or one cheaper.

Or you can just sign up to Apple‘s developer programme and enjoy the beta of iOS13 right now :slight_smile: