iPad Music Apps?


Been following the AB forum discussion concerning the above video.

I tried following the “Xequence 2 with StepPolyArp” example in the manual, subbing Arpeggionome Pro for StepPolyArp, and was able to get Xequence 2 to record Arpeggionome Pro MIDI data, while Arpeggionome was playing Spectrum’s Resonator (hosted in AUM) at the same time. I was also able to get Xequence 2 to replay the MIDI data back out to Resonator.

However, I was unable to get Rozeta Particles (in AUM) to work similarly with Xequence. This video will help a lot since it shows an example of Rozeta Collider playing another AUM-hosted synth, and MIDI data being recorded into Xequence.

The dev posted this response:

Two small suggestions: It is preferable to send the MIDI directly to AUM (select “AUM” as MIDI destination) and enable “‘AUM’ Destination” instead of “Xequence Source” in AUM’s channel popups. No need to turn on “Virtual Source” in Xequence then, and you will get better timing. Also, it is easier to see the actual MIDI routing at a glance.

(“Virtual Source” is primarily meant as a last resort when you want to control an app that doesn’t have a virtual destination).

And there’s no need to set the recording sources for a track if you don’t want to do Multitrack Recording – everything that’s received from any source or channel simply gets recorded on the current track :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for the great tutorial and hands-on video!


Wow great info. Thanks!


Eventide :slight_smile:




Oh wow, interesting to see more big players get involved on iOS. Might have to pick up Blackhole, love that effect on desktop



And on iPhone? Crazy.

I expect theyre CPU gluttons. Will put off until i get a newer iPad.


Its great to see eventide bringing their DSP to iOS land. We’ve been lacking good sounding delays and reverbs for years now.

Fabfilters and eventides as AU are tightening the gap between DAW musicing and iOS musicing even further, as far as sonics are concerned.


More choices in top quality DSP will only further the platform.

Dayum, indeed! :smile:


Thank you for sharing! I had just randomly decided to get my Seaboard Block out last night and test with MPE synths! Thus development means it’ll probably stay out!


The gentleman who ported all those Mutable Instruments modules to IOS without asking for any money is now raising money for an MPE controller, in response to user requests to add MPE support to the apps.


I’ve been tempted to donate, but I have to confess I’m not a super fan of the interface of these ports.

Before I get blasted, I understand that they’re free, and that it costs nothing to use them, but if I don’t like using a synth I don’t care how much it costs. I just don’t end up using it.


Totally understood. Same reason I refused to buy his paid app just to support him - it’s an app for Eurorack modules or something, which is an app I’ll never use.

I use the Resonator one all the time now, as part of my setup for learning how to use Xequence 2 and AUM together. I just use the presets as my focus is on X2.

The funding is very close to the goal now, so good job, fellow IOS users!


That’s impressive! We’re some of the cheapest bastards on the planet. :smile:


Never seen so much drama over the cost of a $10 app until I got into IOS music. :rofl:

Funding for Mr. Burns is kind of stuck at $435 but maybe it’ll progress by the end of the week?


I was thinking about it last night in light of the Eventide releases. I was trying to explain to my husband that one of the algorithms in a $500 pedal I used to own now runs on my phone. SIT AND THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND: Eventide’s legendary DSP is now in your pocket. AND IT COSTS $19.99.

sorry for the CAPS LOCK but

Edit: Maybe I’ll kick in for MPE on those apps. The happiest moments I had with my modular were using Pressure Points to play Elements…!


Honestly. Its totally insane. As opposed to a Space ill could just get an iphone cheap with an interface.


Precisely. I had both the Space and Timefactor pedals back in the day and it just blows my mind what’s possible nowadays.


No need now. Burns Audio just posted on AB forum that even though funding is technically $65 short, he’s going to work on the MPE stuff regardless.

He will also work on improvements on the preset management in Spectrum (MI) bundle, which actually interests me more.

Speaking of MPE, Kai Aras (Numerical Audio) just put his apps on sale, and one of them is KB-1. I’m still learning my way around X2 (Xequence 2) so probably won’t get it, but in case someone else wants an MPE controller and can’t afford more than $5 or whatever pittance is the price of KB-1…

Xequence 2 has its own keyboard and drum controller layouts. While my plan with X2 is to use it to record MIDI coming from other apps, and then edit the MIDI data to compose music, it’s nice to have those controller layouts just in case.


The secret of my sound ; ) I love this app! Free!



Sweet, I was looking for a good delay for my iPad today. Got pretty much everything I need covered with the release from FabFilter, but a good delay was missing in my little arsenal.

Thanks for sharing the information.