iPad Music Apps?

Yep you could create kits with this one engine only for sure, and there are a bunch of other engines also.
Sounds great. Metallic awesomeness

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elastic drums is not available on the finnish app store? bummer

I need a couple of apps if anybody can help!

I’m starting to buckle down and try to learn composing, anybody know of any scoring apps?

Second, the Pyramid is pretty cool, but trying to compose from it is kinda a pain, does anybody know of any good apps to plug in(and maybe test with some basic sounds) and be able to load that into the Pyramid?

Extra points if both of these objectives can be accomplished in a single app.


When I first got the Pyramid, I used Gadget a lot to learn it.

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There have been other scoring apps out there, but Notion seems to be the most consistently supported - regular updates, bug fixes, etc.

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I just downloaded Notion onto my iPad. This is great! This is what I’ve been wanting from notation software from the first times I tried to learn scoring!

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Check out Nodal. It’s way out there…


I wasn’t planning on buying another app, but it intrigued me with the mention of probability theory and was only 3 bucks.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Edit: this is kinda a weird app. Kinda fun to poke around at and guess what’s going on. Almost like a puzzle since the manual isn’t in the app :smiley:

Dude, that app led me down a rabbit hole of sorts. I found out about the computer program Nodal and have been watching videos on that.

I HAVE been interested into trying generative music, so thanks for that!


anyone here has both Nave and a Blofeld?
How do they compare?

I used to have a blofeld. I sold it because I felt it was redundant with my iPad apps. I sometimes regret selling it tho. While my iPad aynths are great sounding the blofeld was great as well.
I think, for me, the blofeld had more useful sounds whereas I use nave more for ambiances and things like that. Plus I preferred working on patches in the blofeld, the layout of nave is more confusing to me. I find animoog and Thor as a combo are better replacements for a blofeld. YMMV of course.

Downloaded Layr synth which im finding quite cool.

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Might be a good choice for Ryan, esp. since the Korg app price drops have been extended until end of May:

Gadget is normally $40 - down to $20. Not sure about the IAPs inside of Gadget.

Also, Ryan might be interested in Gadget’s support for odd time signatures and polyrhythms

I’ve got Gadget! It’s really cool! Nothing I make with it feels like a “real” song to me, but it’s definitely a lot of fun! Will definitely try to send midi from it!

I haven’t been able to make songs with it, no idea why, but it’s a good source of great sampling materials


That’s how I feel about most of iPad music. It’s fun and it’s practice, but unti I actually internalize composition learnings then I haven’t connected with the sounds enough to consider any tracks from my iPad real. I DO like some of the stuff I’ve made with gadget but it doesn’t feel like a real track

Edit: one thing I love the most about gadget is plugging in rhythms into the squares a nice change of pace from the one at a time method is drum machines. Definitely gonna have to team Pyramid and gadget up!!!

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I’ve had gadget sitting there for awhile now, haven’t thought to use it as a box of synths to sequence from OT, think I’ll try this today… :okej:

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I’ve been wirelessly sequencing the Rytm from patterning through an iconnect with a router… Surprised how well it works and fun to kick back and be sequencing while laying down in another part of the cabin…
Working on remote control of my whole hardware rig at once… :happy:


It’s cool. And a good source of samples for the octatrack

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