iPad DAW in 2020

So with the Pro models being out for a few years, who has made the switch from laptops and desktops for recording? What apps and interfaces are you using? Are you happy with the results?

Do you require audio recording or no? If no, NanoStudio2 is amazing

Yes, basically a full DAW replacement

New cubasis 3 looks closest to full featured daw. I use cubasis, nanostudio has great instruments but lacking audio tracks and beatmaker 3 is imo best for hip hop and chopping samples

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AUM seems to be top choice

I use AUM now on my iPhone basically as a channel strip to run FieldScaper through, but it’s whole modular approach doesn’t feel like a proper DAW to me.
Auria Pro seems closest from what I’ve been reading. If Elektron made Overbridge compatible on the iOS platform that would be a killer iPad solution.

i use AURIA PRO ( there is a price right now, 27 euros ) , cause cubasis 3 has lots of issues … there is no perfect solution on ipad but auria is really good


IMHO there’s nothing better out on IOS than this:



I use AUM, Beatmaker 3, Nanostudio 2, and Zenbeats (full version IAP is currently free). It’s great that the Fabfilter AU plugins are available on the iPad, but I usually finish songs on the PC.

iPadOS 13.4 now has improved mouse support, but it’s still difficult doing ‘work’ on the iPad vs PC - editing is much easier on a big screen with a keyboard and mouse. Another reason is that iPadOS still doesn’t have an audio editor on par with Sound Forge, though Auditor is shaping up nicely.

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