iPad Audio and Midi to OT


I have

  • iPad Air 2
  • OT MkII
  • CCK lightning

i want to route Audio and Midi directly from my CCK (lightning port) to OT.
What can i use for that?

i can use my CCK for one usb to midi cable and audio from jack but i ask if someone use the combination audio and midi with just one lightning port…

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered one of these for iPad/OT use which will be arriving today, I will let you know how it goes!

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I think it is a great product perfectly what i wanted :slight_smile: Thanks !

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You’re welcome! I thought it looked like it would fit the bill for me too. Optionally battery powered, MIDI, iOS compatible, USB, small, not too expensive, knobs that won’t get interfered with, or hung up on when packing it in a bag etc.

Any class compliant usb audio device should be fine. In most cases the device will need external power, i.e. can’t be powered from the lightning port.

You can also use something like the roland um-one for midi, then a 1/8" to dual 1/4" in the headphone jack, something like this https://www.gear4music.com/G4M/Stereo-Minijack-Mono-Jack-x2-Cable-1m/108R

The downside of that is you wont be able to route audio in to the ipad.

Don’t cheap out on the usb midi thing, I bought a cheap one and it ended up giving me this OT MKII not sending correct midi channel or cc messages I have a roland now and its fine. It’s something with the octatrack as the first one I bought worked with everything i have (including other elektron gear) except the OT

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Okay, I have had the U-24 hooked up with the iPad and OTMKII for an hour or so testing things out and so far so good!

My intent with this interface box was to utilize the iPad as an effects processor for OT output that I could then route back in for resampling, also to utilize other iOS synths and noise making apps as sampling source material for OT input. May come up with additional uses as things progress.

One thing that I will have to pay attention to are all the additional gain stages that come into the picture now with the U-24. Each input channel on the U-24 has gain level knobs, there is the main out volume, the headphone volume, the USB/MAIN output balance, the USB Computer before/after audio balance etc. There is certainly a lot of flexibility all around with this U-24.


Thank you very much for this answer and your tests !
One thing i note after see this U-24 is it would be great to have a Zoom microphone attached :stuck_out_tongue:

The zoom u44 offers that option.

I use an iconnectivity Audio4+ paired with my Ipad2 an OT an a Beatstep pro (Controll OT volume, Fx2 and Mutes and i use the 2 internal sequencer to sequence Ipad apps).
Ipad is charging and sending data and sound via the ICA4+ lightening cable to the ICA4+ interface. The sound goes back to the AB in the OT.
Love that config, many options then you have configure right away :wink:

I’ve been using the iconnectivity Audio2+ for a few months now and so far pretty solid, Including midi sync.

I sequence multiple apps with the OT. Upon my request the developper of Midiflow has written a script for cc values to be sent per Scene slot change and x-fader tansition between the cc vakues assigned to Scene A and B! It’s a bit time consuming manually entering the values for each slot …but Midi scenes folks!!!


Dear nauts,

Your support would be highly appreciated!

Im trying to figure out how can I connect the output of my Digitakat to my iPad mini in order to use the iPad as an effect processor, the output from the iPad would go direct to my soundcrad or computer or speakers.

  1. Is the following is the right adapter to achieve what I am after?
  1. Is there anything else I would need in terms of hardware/ adapters?

Many thanks in advance and happy sampling :slight_smile:

  1. Yes but not only. You will need…
  2. An interface. Check out Zoom U24


Would a normal sound card that is connected to a computer work?

If its Class Compliant, yes.

Ahhhh, I’m starting to get it :grimacing: