Introducing Syntakt

I’m not too sure, the four Analog Tracks have their own (extended) filter types, but only one, no digital filter on those

I think some sort of hub for these machines would be a smart move -a p-lockable FX mixer for the Digitakt, Digitone, and Syntakt. With song mode!!


it has a vca and an fx track which can be p-locked - so gating/ducking - the filters in AFX track are vastly different to any other elektron


Looks like a beast of a box. People wanted a worthy successor to the MD in Digi format…if this isn’t it, nothing is. Big congrats to the Elektron development team…I think they knocked it out of the park!


Now I just need to know. @Ryan were you a tester or knew details about the box? Or was this 1.5k posts lunge in the speculations thread just pure enthusiasm?


Should sell my DT now before the market is flooded :upside_down_face:

Congrats to the team. I did’t like the MC sound, especially the hi hats and cymbals, although I’m sure the editing will be deeper. Nice to have the double VCO in. Does that mean that potentially you can have 4 tracks of double VCO going on at the same time?

Analog rytm and cycles love child, but no sampling


No, 3 only. The analog hats track can’t double VCO.

any sign of the manual anywhere?

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only 3 - the fourth analog track(12) is for cymbals - lovely too

Decent portable option. Might try it in the future.

Please think about doing alternative faceplate options for gear.

ALL 12 tracks can be MIDI too. THAT is great. Now the price makes sense for me.

Just don’t have the money and my DT won’t sell that well anymore…

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AR engines BUT WITH 2 LFOs, that alone could sell me… Wonder if they tweaked the AR engines while they were at it.

The digital engine seems to be from the M:C? (don’t own this one). 4 digital “synth” machines?

I really like the balance between digital/analog.

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Tuna ordered :sparkling_heart:


Thanks, would be cool if they can be linked for polyphony somehow

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Welp, I ordered one. Probably shouldn’t have, but I just sold a couple of items and have been eyeing the Cycles, Digitakt, and Rytm, and this sort of checks all those boxes for me. This looks like a lot of fun…


You have the float parameters insteag of integer, it changes a lot of things, especially for the dual vco :slight_smile:


sequencable FX settings +1
analog overdrive buildin +1
Now i need the same scale type updates for Digitone to let those boxes stay friends!

What about import duty? Havent ordered anything from the EU in a long time because of you-know-what so im unclear about importing high value ites from there