Introducing Song Mode on Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone and Digitone Keys

Can the Syntakt not do that too?

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I believe the trio is about as powerful as it can be bug-fixes aside.

Yeah still hoping for a fix for the horrible midi lag / hiccups when externally controlling DTs global mixer. Can’t use my launchcontrol in a live setting due to that


I got too excited and upgraded too soon, I’m not that impressed by the song mode and Elkherd, which is something I rely on heavily doesn’t support the new OS so I think I will downgrade… does anyone have a link to the previous OS 1.30B for the Digitakt by any chance?

Edit: A kindly forum member sent me the link so cheers! :slight_smile:

It would be awesome to get forwards, backwards, random, ping pong etc on the sequencer. That’s the only other thing that’s missing for me. Great instruments!


I see the ST to be within the Digis-family. Let’s say squared Elektron boxes without the AH = Squared Cold Trinity?

oh shit i forgot about elkherd compatibility… thats a bummer.
lets all donate to him so he has time to work on compatibility + a DN edition…


I would’ve never expected song mode but here it is! I’m glad I held on to my Digitakt. I was an early adaptor, still have the box that said free Overbridge coming soon! Since then my Digitakt has gotten many new features and improvements. I am impressed.

Thank you Elektron for listening and trying your best to cram new features into the Digi’s. It reminds me of the Circuit. Which also got a lot of new features with firmware updates.

Tack så mycket Elektron!


My first song made using Syntakt’s song mode…

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I thought this was a joke thread until I saw it hit 300+ replies in under 9 hours!

I can’t update my DT right now because I’m right in the middle of a project, but what I noticed from the various tutorials is something I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned here yet… Is it just me or will Song Mode’s “# of steps” column make playing in 3/4 and 6/8 much more intuitive?!

If I understand it right, it seems like it’ll be much easier to chain together multiple bars of 3/4, 6/8, etc., without having mentally shift the beats around in your head (e.g. remembering that the 1st step of Page 2 is really the second beat of Bar 2). Do I have that right?

And has anyone else tried this yet? Anyone coming up with some deep 7/8 grooves? Barcarolles? Oros? Kopanitsas?


Elektron has removed the file from their servers. The URL is supposed to be: but its gone. It seems they have moved to some kind of CDN to distribute firmware files.

I tried the Wayback Machine but it didn’t cache the file either. Hopefully someone else still has the file for you!

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they’ve changed the urls with the new design

I think this link will work:


Wow, smart to edit the URL like that, works for me!


I’ve just watched Red Means Recording doing a little demo of the song mode. Seems epic and the house jam at the end is so funny and well done. I’m stoked to try the new firmware tonight. What a joyful weekend this will be.

I’m freakin out…


they added song mode? so who do I get to blame when I don’t finish my music now? myself?


all these psyambientechnochill jams, lost. like tears in the rain

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I could def. use a way to copy songs between projects. I have a few tracks that are in different projects for different live sets.

Someone already kindly sent me a link, but thanks for looking!

The latest version of transfer app and overbridge for projects and arranging samples on computer did away with my need for elkherd! Was really useful for backing up but I find transfer handier now


I must admit I’ve not updated to the latest version of TranferApp…
Does it allow you to re-arrange samples in the sample pool, re-order patterns and import patterns from other projects?

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