Introducing Song Mode on Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone and Digitone Keys

If longer “phrases” now are possible, does this include, long notes don’t get cut within these phrases?

One day, before they eventually discontinue Digitakt, I’ll buy 2 more and keep them unopened


That would be a game changer. The seq. would benefit from that for sure.

Just to be safe here, how long is the grace period before the whining is allowed to continue? :rofl:


I still have no idea why people recommend the digitakt over the digitone for midi sequencing. 4 tracks with 8 notes per track is way more useful than 8 mono tracks… in my opinion

These aren’t mono tracks, on the DT the midi tracks can send 4 notes per track. I personally find 8x4 much more useful than 4x8. I can have two tracks sending notes to the same midi channel, effectively having 8 notes, but then with different lengths and velocity as well.


The “Add Notes” button on the Digitone lets you actually see graphically what notes are assigned to a given step which is too useful to miss on the Digitakt for me. And programming big chords spread across two separate channels is an annoyance. But, maybe I’m pickier than others.

Digitakt midi has 4 notes per track

This is awesome!

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I don’t think there’s much point about arguing about the relative merits of DT 8x4 or DN 4x8. Each arrangement has its strengths and weaknesses. Each will be better in some situations and worse in others. Both will have more than one needs to get started, and when one really feels the limitations, that is the time to consider changes or augmentations.

Having watched the videos on the new features, I am excited. The new Digi song mode is more than song mode on the A4 (my previous experience, which I have used only once). I can see using this more casually, and look forward to the bugfix release, at which point I will update. And it is quite possible that keyboard fold will make more of a difference to me.


Song mode ie awesome!!!


For reals. I sat down with it tonight for a while and I love it.


Song Mode has made me rethink my approach to patterns. I’ve been in the, “make a cool pattern, then copy it and change something” school of songwriting and it’s worked well. I tend to use close to 16 patterns per song, many of them holding only small variations.

But now that well sequenced pattern mutes are so darn elegant, I’m wondering if there are advantages to creating a fewer number of patterns. Seems like it might be easier to do live improvisation and retain the sound parameters over multiple Song Mode rows.

Has Song Mode caused any of y’all to rethink pattern proliferation vs pattern mutes?


how do you imagine user scales to be edited? are there formats you could import or would you tune them by yourself?

I’m curious. How would acceding a pattern that loops indefinitely through the song mode differ from just accessing the pattern the usual way?. How would that help?. An obvious and very simple benefit would be that you’d see a list of the patterns and wouldn’t have to remember the bank/pattern number, I wonder if there’s anything else.

My 50 ct:
Well, song mode heavily fosters subtractive arrangement but doesn’t replace ‘true’ variations in the pattern.


Exactly what you mention. In my case I usually have patterns all around, that means jumping between Banks when playing live… That can be subject to human error (the fact there’s no panic command to cancel the pattern change always surprised me - like pressing no three times or something) so having some sort of playlist could come in handy, I’ll try it eventually and see what I prefer

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thank you! found elektroid on fedoras copr… thanks to one who made it possible. it seems to work. havent checked it yet but it starts. good begining. the overvitch is not on any fedoras repos and not in copr as well. im not going to spend days to learn how to build programs from source code and so on…

Just watched this old Machinedrum video demoing creative song mode usage. I wonder if any of these tricks can be done but I’m sure new tricks will be discovered.

I’m super excited!


Unfortunately, the offset parameter is not available on the Digis’ song mode.