Introducing Song Mode on Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone and Digitone Keys

Song mode was never high on my priority list because every live set is different, and I don’t like feeling like i’m on rails…

… until about 10 minutes ago when i realized Elektron really nailed the implementation here, allowing both for scripting AND going off script

Three things really sold it for me:

  1. the progress bar is genius - never again will i have to guess if my pattern change comes after this or the next 4 bars! (Wish this would also work outside of song mode)
  2. DT midi mutes can control track mutes on my DN - can do everything from one box
  3. The loop function is slick as hell for extending sections

I plan on extensively using the loop function and the progress bar to recreat ableton ‘scenes’: very simple rows of mutes always repeating 4 times, then using the editor to manually launch the rows, entering loop mode if i want to extend a section…

And because DT can mute DN tracks, I could do this all from one box, and not need to touch the OT arranger or DN’s song mode:)

In the past I’ve been pattern changing after 64 just to keep things standardized, but with the progress bar and adjustable duration of each row, I could cue this way earlier and free up my hands for plenty of other things - without ever feeling like i’m playing a scripted song.

Nice work Elektron!


Jeremy channeled a little channel tres there in the end… nice vid


I own the Analog Rytm and Analog Four, as well as Digitakt and Syntakt. Although I’ve dabbled with the song modes on A4 and Rytm, it never clicked for me. Always felt like I was slapping together different songs that didn’t go well together (perhaps because these modes are designed for a smaller screen). Maybe I just didn’t practice enough with them, but after using Song Mode on the DT and Syntakt for just an hour or two, I’m amazed at how easy and quick it is. Just repeating the same pattern with different mutes is a game changer for me. 8 tracks on the DT + 12 on the Syntakt allow a ton of variation just by doing different sets of mutes per song row. Now to start applying conditional trigs!

And the most exciting part of all this is that the Digitakt has been my main MIDI sequencer for other synths for a long time now. Now I will no longer be constrained to looping a single pattern!


Indeed, this song mode isn’t just there to build static songs, it’s a great tool for live usage as well and to have more control and overview of your patterns.

It can also be used to group shorter patterns so they behave as one section for long melodies or chord progressions. Or to record 4 takes of a melody in 4 patterns and choose the best take after recording.

You could do some of this with chains too but now you can save them with the project, proper view/edit the pattern chains, have multiple chains, easily navigate to the right part of the chain, loop one of the parts, etc.

It’s just a great addition to the DT/DN/ST :+1:


I’m happy about both song mode and keyboard fold. Keyboard fold and scales is a step closer to user scales, including microtonal —at least up-to-12-note versions…. (Although I believe the DN still doesn’t have pitch fine tuning)

I personally don’t really understand having like 30 scales, but no user scale option… trust me, in the context of all the music there is worldwide and historically, there are infinitely many beautiful, usable pitch-sets, so no matter how many subsets of 12ed2 (post-industrial Western tuning) you include, it still seems so incredibly limited to me as to be basically useless for pitch-focused material. Besides my experimental approach, microtunable user scales would open up Elektron devices to be used for Maqam, Raga, Gamelan, etc-influenced musicians working across the world.

End soapbox. Otherwise a great update.


That great bit of visual feedback means I can drive my octatrack with the Digitone now.

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As others have pointed out, Elektroid is a fully functional Transfer replacement for Linux. It currently supports transfers for every modern Elektron device as well as OS upgrade and other useful features like SysEx send and receive.

Regarding Overbridge, there is Overwitch, which is a MIDI and audio JACK client that acts as a bridge for Elektron Overbridge 2 devices. It is not a fully fledged Overbridge replacement though.


Such a long awaited update! Thanks!3lektron :+1:

can’t believe you called that too - there’s a comment from me under that video making that comparison!

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Any sequencer is a song mode if you are brave enough.

really lol, he does a good bit, l wonder what effect he’s using on his voice

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He said that he’s using a TC Helicon Perform-VE. He doesn’t say which FX though.

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hi dave, can i chain differnt patterns from different projects in the same song? thanks

Yes, this makes the DT also the most powerful in the Digi Bunch. It is indeed a great update. Thank you, :3lektron:!

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Yep! I was playing with the Song Mode yesterday evening and indeed that pattern mute workflow you just described happened so naturally for me and is SO damn intuitive, that it genuinely made me laugh. :smiley: For me it’s also a game changer, and for once I can actually say that. :joy: It really is that for me. Also otherwise the whole thing is so ridiculously intuitive to use. The track labels are also such a good feature as I also use DT + ST + other gear sequenced with DT, so I can easily see where I’m going with both devices. I really could not be happier with this surprise update. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


“Sound quality is worse and Digitakt is more production oriented so it comes down to preference. Also Digitakt will probably get further updates…”

oh oh there we go…

Not sure. I believe it dod not matter



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