Introducing Octatrack MKII


Will it have the probabilistic sequencing capabilities ???

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Midi over usb?

oh Gawd!

Oh les bata````

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Seems like Elektron web is under heavy load now … not loading here :slight_smile:

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I am so happy this is just a visual makeover, cant afford to buy more samplers this year.

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Pretty much!
It’s a mechanical upgrade, just like the Monomachine and Machinedrum MKII were.

Same buttons/encoders as DT, OLED screen, etc.

It runs the same OS as the Octa MKI.
No Overbridge.


Oh well the speculation was fun. I was enjoying that
Was only interested if OB was incorporated.
No GAS for me thank god


Finally … a Display


That exactly was my first idea too … to search for OB support. Did I miss it?

No Overbridge support planned.

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The sequencer. The sequencer ?? Is it probabilistic ???

For the love of god … the sequencer…


Cenk said above that Overbridge support isn’t planned for the unit. Looks like it’s just an aesthetic upgrade

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Yep no dice

The 1449 Euro question

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Will original dust covers and rack mounts fit to MKII?

was just about to order, then noticed it doesn’t do anything new.

it is very pretty to look at, like all the new elektrons!

but my MK1 will do fine for the moment.

nice try though, elektron : )


Will they be for sale at Juno haha


Oh … that is sad.

But congratulation to Elektron … they have improved the entire interface :thumbsup: I like the improved layout and all the new text below the buttons … at least a beginner will find now his/her way much easier, without needing to learn many short-cuts from the beginning. :wink:


style over …

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