Introducing Octatrack MKII

i’ll be keeping my DT, seems to do everything i need in a sampler for now… really just klicked with it and lots more to do :sunglasses:


^ If Simon says it must be true (bad joke alert)


Two things though:

  1. They haven’t confirmed any updates to the OS at all
  2. We’re assuming the old hardware can cope with any updates they do implement

if the OT I price drops further, pick them up while you can :smile: what a steal…


I have to say it looks super fucking beautiful…

As an OT owner I’m torn… i’d like to upgrade since i HATE the OT screen, but it’ll be hard to get much $ for one used now with the MKII available.

Called it back in the Whats Next thread :smiley_cat: Wouldn’t be surprised to see the other boxes get the same treatment. The DT UI is mint I’m still stoked they are revamping in this direction. Still, would have been cool to see some improvements thrown into the mix.

I’ve asked several times about trig conditions and sequencer now and have been ignored over other less pressing questions. No pun intended

Lame. Luke warm. If you gonna do a new Octa then do a solid one with OB, better resolution better workflow new OS , new effects and ffs get rid of the tedious parts/pattern not-work-flow and have all sounds saved in the patterns

Sorry Elektron i just think you are trying to make money instead of really killing it like you should.
Digitakt > this one


yea I would expect some fixes (not familiar with OT so dunno what’s broken) but that’s it…

for me the bigger question is, how long until the entire line of devices is updated to the new UI parts? Rytm & A4 would benefit from an improved USB isolation while that’s happening (iirc that’s what’s preventing USB 2 speed), also better pads for Rytm…


I was under the impression A4 + AR were USB 2 ?

Yep from the company prespective thats right…but… from the costumer prespective??
Who will be buying a product that from that strategy you point is just draining old hardware with a facelift … until OT2 comes out?

Clavia do this all the time with their Nord ex line but at least they normaly increase their product memory to create a perception that youre getting a better deal than the previous version…

To me one of the biggest improvements of this new UI is simply playing in the dark.


not 100% sure but iirc it’s USB2 hardware, but due to some interference USB speeds are limited… so both audio streaming and midi could have way more bandwidth with some shielding revision. dunno, maybe it’s not so simple.

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Nope they’re USB 1, hence the track number limitations.

In no universe is the digitakt > the octatrack


Pul up the OT MK I and MK II panels side by side, there’s quite a ton of differences in the layout.

They’re actually USB2 but throttled to USB 1.1 equivalent speed through necessity


ok. didnt read about that :frowning:
well… its a great machine as it is… still i love the trig conditions and the quatize functions on the analog ones bettter :-))
overbridge is really not needed for me… fingers crossed :-))…

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very disappointing if it has the same OS. no improvement on sample handling, resampling etc, which is imho a pain.
I don’t care about OB, but you could make the workflow so much better!

Personally I find OB more of a nuisance than anything else, and trig conditions are of really limited value to me (i do like Fill though).

What I really was hoping for was some more machines and more/better effects, etc.etc.

I haven’t personally used the Digitakt, but is it necessarily preferable to have the light-up buttons vs the old button + LED? There’s something about the fact that you’re covering up the light that seems kind of weird… if your finger is over the button you can’t tell if it’s lit or not…