Introducing Digitone


Cenk - if you have any time for this kind of thing - could you show us what you mean by this? It sounds interesting.



Best part is- I know what you mean! :smiley:


it means you set your desired scale you want to play in, or a desired specific chord, in the “add notes” page. then you hit live record and the keyboard will be fixed in that specific scale when you play, or if you chose a chord that chord will transpose to whatever note you play.


Thanks for your reply. Out of interest does your description match what I can see Open_Mike doing here - it looks like the DN is transposing notes already sequenced within a chosen key… or something…?



not exactly but he’s using the add notes page to transpose in real time yea.
what we were talking about is recording notes in real time within a set scale rather than transposing already sequenced notes.

both are cool tho :slight_smile:


Ok - I wasn’t quite sure if these were the same things. So then is the DN in the excellent ‘zabutom’ piece above, transposing already sequenced notes while staying in key? My ears tell me that this isn’t just a straight linear series of transpositions going on.


that i dont know. i assumed he was just transposing one note on the fly, whether that was in a set scale or he was just selecting the right note to transpose to i dunno. ill have to listen to it again.
maybe someone else can chime in in the mean time.


That’s not me not by the way, the artist name is Zabutom… :slight_smile:


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How is the DN good at industrial sounds?


Its damn good In my opinion, especially if you want clangy metal tones with a robust high end.


First impression: Fantastic for Industrial. Hard hitting percussion, gritty textures and cold claustrophobic atmospheres are just a tweak away.
Btw, Joey from Blush Response made some factory presets for the Digitone.


I was sturggling with the DN at first, so just a heads up for anyone who might stumble to the same issues as I did…:

  • Some of the factory project pattns are WEIRD. There was this one pattn that drove me nuts, I couldn’t get track 2 to play no matter how hard I tried… Spent almost an hour back and forth with the manual etc…, only to find that by ditching the factory project and opening a new project, everything worked perfectly! dayum

  • If you DLed the DN manual on the first day it became available online, re-DL! The first version of the manual didn’t have all the info… Or was I trippin? I couldn’t find the section for VOICE MODE from the v1 manual at all, and only after I re-DLed the (feb 2) manual, I found the VOICE MODE bit…

So far I am loving it… This machine will be heavily used by tech peeps in the near future for sure!

My only complaints areY NO SWING TRIGS?! and the black encoders… I wish they was grey. I tested with my Ot mk II and it seems you cant even retrofit these with the old grey encoders without them not sitting flush to the enclosure… And you know what? The DN looks fugly when its off, when its on the lights make it look good. weird design!


Are swing trigs a thing on the OT?


Yes, they are on the OT, A4 and AR. You cannot do ”negative shuffle/swing” without them, a very important feature when you want to program afro/funk rhythms… Now one is forced to play unquantized, which is at least workable but not ideal. I could or course offset all my beats by 1/16, but that throws any other syncing method than manual out of the window… And pattns wouldn’t change on the 1st downbeat…

Also, what feels disappointing to me, coming from the bigger elektron boxes, is the ”LE” feeling of the DN… I suppose the same goes for the DT? Some bread & butter things are missing, like 4 global slots for the configs… Things like this wouldn’t make the DN any slower to use, but their omission makes the DN feel like a ”lesser” product… I guess people complaining about the lack of song mode feel the same way? Trig mutes, slide trigs, swing trigs and such are a big appeal for me in the bigger elektron boxes, they would be very welcome on the DT/DN!


Yeah, swing trigs sound cool. And the DT is an LE-type product. Seems reasonable when considering the large price difference. Pretty cool device still


No info in the specs about the size of the +Drive the DT says its 1GB I would assume the DN would be the same size since the file structure is similar.


I haven’t noticed that particular issue, but I am really starting to notice the gap between the Digi line and the big boxes. All the things that are ‘missing’ are things that I don’t use that often anyways, but I do notice when they’re not there.

I can understand leaving them off and making this an ‘LE’ series. It still does an awful lot. But I’m having to reset my expectations a little bit. I always felt like Machinedrum and Monomachine (my first encounters with Elektron world, which I just got into a little over two years ago) had all of the fun of a groove box, but the depth of a pro machine (I used to think any device over $1k USD was like a big boring workstation). The Digi series feel much closer to groove boxes to me - still a lot of fun, but lighter on the ‘pro’ features. Then again, if they had launched a new digital synth at A4 pricing, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it right now, and it’s still good to have something affordable and fun that really makes some lovely sounds.


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Korg Volca FM

Should have micro-timing though, correct?