Introducing Digitone


I was just about to be like “whaaaaat?”


Just got mine, really liking it so far! Haven’t done much except getting to know the user interface, listening to presets and randomly changing parameters. Very good and varying sounds, I really dig the keyboard scale feature and chord mode as well, and I like Sound Pool thingy.

Only thing I’m really missing coming from the OT is different time scales per track… now you have to pretty much choose between percussion or longer chord progressions unless you start chaining a lot of patterns together (which I guess I’ll just have to start doing)


Combine conditions and poly rhythms and you can get close


Received mine today. Spent a bit of time with presets and the manual and now…here’s my first pattern…if it interests anyone :wink:

(the first few bars you hear are just one track with recorded and plocked changes - very cool)


I’m sure you could get “Front by Front” type FM stabs, quite easily. One of the videos starring Cenk shows him banging out an evil bassline, the likes of which would make Bill Leeb blush. (Shouts out to the old school EBM heads!)


Do you mean poly metric, or actual poly rhythms?


Different track scalings


This is way dope. Are you processing the signal with anything (post DN) ?


Cheers. Just some EQ in Reaper but to be honest the MP3 conversion has stripped a lot of loveliness I can hear in the actual recording.


With different track lengths and microtiming you can make both polyrhythms and polymeters.



Hi (d), stabs are nice… but what about isolationism, how the filter works who knows…So many questions!
One has to put his hands on the machine to know and calm curiosity I guess. Does not seem a predictable sound source maybe more than the analog series


True! Can’t wait to get my rusty, cybernetic hands on a unit.
I’ve already heard some aggressive stuff, but some really eerie pads, too. Two filters allow for some non-traditional stuff.
I’ll be doing two soundpacks for Elektron for the DN, so I’ll be exploring cold, desolate places (East Brunswick, New Jersey; Boise, Idaho. )


I’d be happy to go back to Coldfoot Alaska and do some sound design up there if :3lektron: wanted to cover such an excursion. Get a little battery, sit up on The Chandalar Shelf in September, sound-designing away…

So dreamy.

To counter-act any possibility of that actually happening, here’s another super rough jam. Just one pattern, no conditionals, paired up with Machinedrum. Last night I got such a fun little groove going on the arpeggiator and, just like on Monomachine, I hypnotized myself and just listened to it until the TV turned itself off out of neglect. Custom sounds.

Best part is about 1:23 when it’s just the arp and the machinedrum and some sound tweaking. Turns itself into some kind of late 80’s funk for a bit. Worst part is when I decide to play with track transpose for a bar or two.


The filters are fine…no complaints. I really just use the filters to tame sounds or cut out excess bass, etc
…the real fun happens in the FM synthesis section…it’s very clear and full, so when you create scratchy FMmy noises, you can hear lots of detail.


I’am asking random question to have some feedback on the sounds that are else than typical (if it ever exists) belly-ish FM hi freq sound, that I do not seem to like… So I’d continue and ask what range of frequencies can the DN reach… mid and hi for sure but low, ultralow? Which I’d like, can it do voodoo percussive marimba a percussions? aand the soundscapes can sound somehow analog-ish (I heard nice strings, can they go low enough and be hearable in a mix? Like said before too many questions…


Ohhhh yes, DN very very good at this! They can get very bassy but very tight, and synthetic, but “woody” and “tribal” at the same time.


Yeah it has microtiming, so I can nudge or play unquantized to get that odd step swung feel… But actually I submitted a feature request to elektron about it! They are considering it (obvsly not promising it will be added) which gives me hope.

I was just messing with my DN some more last night… Man does it do crazy R2D2 plonky tech/IDM once you start piling up modulation! :loopy: Haven’t ran into any major bugs yet either, so far seems to work quite aight.


do I understand correctly that this does not apply to MIDI tracks? and that the in-scale transposition feature also isn’t available for MIDI tracks? the manual isn’t clear on this, and a few ppl here have implied that these features are only available to the internal synth tracks.


but there’s no samples so 1gb is probably not needed.


Ya but storage is required for the presets and any upcoming download sounds I would think