Introducing: Digitone Keys


I understood it to mean there was no external sequencing – but the beat is simple enough it could have been an LFO. The disclaimer did kind of jump out at me as weird (because: who cares?)


Its a sampling from a number station that I have set up (using Multi Map) to trigger from the low C on the Digitone Key. If you look closely in the first second of the performance you can see my skinny left hand trigger it :stuck_out_tongue:

The kick and bass are two tracks with arpeggiator and hold that I allocated so that I can play them from the Trig keys keyboard.


I know, I had one for a couple of years. Still for me the Digitone is the essence of the best things from the Monomachine, brought into the 21st century with a much more User friendly approach. Plus they made FM much more accesable. No wonder…the Digitone is always Sold Out everywhere and ppl ask high prices for sh Units, If you even can find one …
However i dont understand the grumpy old men complains, especially on the german Sites not at all. You dont like it? Fine, dont buy it. But why oh why start bitching and moaning and keep on complaining?
I dont get it.




The Sweetwater demo of this is really rather excellent - well worth checking out if you haven’t already.


Flight ET-120 ready for takeoff!


Thanks for the explanation! I got kinda hyped for a little bit because I thought it was a tease to a DT update, but still cool to learn.


oh man love it down with the design gawwwwd now I wish I had this one instead of the desktop fml


The Digitone is an Analog four with a 4OP FM synth engine. The FM+ engine sounds nothing like the DN. The A4 isn’t a spiritual succesor of the MM either, despite them both having a subtractive synth engine onboard.

I’ve seriously never understood the comparison. The MM is closer to a synth version if the OT with the different machine types and ways you can reroute tracks into different tracks.


someone post something running the desktop on top of the keys double trouble?


this thing looks great! I love the form factor and love the homage to the monomachine keys with the new additions and functionality. i’m very excited about the new assignable encoders in conjunction with ctrl-all. can’t to get my hands on one, thanks for continuing to rock with the FM heads @Elektron


Just to doublecheck. There is no sign that they will release a standard version (no keys or mod wheels) with separate outs like they DNK?


Would love to be able to Polychain my Digitone to the Digitone Keys. A 16 voice monster FM synth would be really cool. Fingers crossed thats a feature they can roll out. I just sent an email to their feature request email address. :grin:


+1 Yeah, that would be awesome!


No VAT in America





Shows an advantage to the layout – with no connectors behind the keyboard section, and the narrow depth, other controls can be closely placed.


What kind of stand are you using for the digi siblings?


Digitone Keys and Novation Summitt and Korg Minilogue XD Modules are the three best products of Superbooth 2019
Great review and I love this quote
“With the Digitone Keys, Elektron embraces a forgotten paradigm found in its own history, and I believe this can be taken as a greater sign that any fear one would have towards Elektron’s ability to take a critical look at its past is rendered void. With the Digitone Keys, Elektron distinguishes itself by simultaneously embracing its roots and carving a new path for itself”


Yes, the thing is when you just see a picture of it, it looks very wide, but when you see it for real its not really that wide. Its just that its depth is so small that it makes it looks wide. Not sure that description makes any sense :smile: