Introducing: Digitone Keys


Honestly its just an IKEA laptop stand on top of some books :smile: Someone should make a proper stand to have there…


Isberget or Bräda?


86cm is quite smallish.




And a depth of 18.5 cm (7.25 inches for the rest of us) with the encoders included means lots of control in a small area.


now we just need a digitakt bongo… some big hand drums sticking out the side. Honestly doesn’t seem like the worst idea to me.


haha :smiley:


Whatever works!! :slight_smile:


Might be in a minority of one here but I would have preferred a more traditional layout with the controls, screen etc behind the keys but it’s just personal preference. Bravo to Elektron for adding keys but I’ll prob just pick up another DN instead.


Yeah it does. I’m going to check it out in real life. 86cm isn’t that bad. It’s so desirable to be able to improv more with a keyboard and that many dedicated controls + the hold functionality…

Also I just realized that I could fit 2x DT+ analog heat above the DNK with the jack outputs free to use.
Damned Elektron…


I guess your next video will be about finding a bigger case to fit the DK ? hhh


Just weld 'em all in place and you’ll have quite an arrangement. :laughing:
Heck of a lot of gear in a small place. Imagine we’ll be seeing pictures of a lot of variations of this soon enough.


I think I love the layout…but it does look odd.

It puts the most creative aspects of an elektron instrument in a hand position that has been trained for tweaking. So someone’s gonna blow our minds with a really creative knob tweaking-key playing combo I suspect.

But I’d probably be almost as happy with a DN and my midi keys as well though the 8 individual outs could be an additional creative tool.


Let’s see what Dorian Concept can do with this thing. I’d be interested to see him play it


Can someone save me the time and tell if this has song mode added?




No song mode.


I think that dude was completely content with just a microkorg


Digibong! We’ll call it the dong for short

Seriously though how cool would this be


Negative on the song mode. It gains 8 knobs and 6 additional audio outs though, as well as the keyboard, obviously.