Introducing Digitakt

  1. I’m sure it will … I think Cenk confirmed that at some point
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In the faq its written that midi tracks also include trigger conditions.


Elektron is apple

Or oranges.

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Silver apples of the moon or golden apples of the sun?

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I got an email yesterday saying it would arrive with me tomorrow. I called today and they said it would arrive on the 26th… Not sure what’s going on.

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weird :slight_smile:
no one has a butchers really :slight_smile:

and tomorrow is even sooner than elektron had hoped they’d be ready.
whoever sent that email is a mad bahsterd :slight_smile:


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I think the next video of the Digitakt will announce an official release date. I had a dream the guy from AskAudio was asking Cenk “So when are these going to be available?” And Cenk says “Right now, you can find a Digitakt at your local shops, we released them yesterday!”

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Salespeople, man. Salespeople. They’ll tell you anything to get that buck.
June, at earliest.


Last night I had a dream that I received a very close to final DT. The buttons were all in terrible places from an interface perspective, some of the knobs had holes in them, and there was writing on it noting that it was running “OS v. 2.71.” I wondered in my dream if I had been sent a prototype by mistake as it was a bit beat up.

obsess much? :cold_sweat:


I had a dream, i received my digitakt. Unfortunately it sounded bad, no p lock, no automatioj…
At the end i found out it was an Mpc live


baha :slight_smile:


Dont know, I fully expect the date to change any day but it still says that its expected to ship the 15th. So hopefully this time next week we’ll know for sure…

So if you gotta choose between the Digitakt and Twin Peaks Season 3, and the one would exclude the other - if you get a Digi, you can never watch Twin Peaks Season 3 and if you watch Twin Peaks Season 3, you’ll never get a Digi.

What would you choose?


We talking street fighter V or MvC Infinite? Join the Elektron clan, Push 2, Maschine Studio or Toraiz SP16. They’ve got their short comings but they don’t overpromise like Akai does.

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