Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


The A4mk2 has a new filter style that really opens up the sound more, anyone know if the Analog Rytm Mk2 will have the same or similar changes?


My Analog Four MK1 is updated to MK2, now I can’t wait to receive my RYTM MK2 :stuck_out_tongue: Come on !
Just received this morning



I design few bass very fast and yes it’s a lot better in the Bass department… also the overdrive damn it’s gorgeous how it sounds… These Enhancements make sense to me I love it :slight_smile:


What do you think about snares, rims and claps?


Speaking about Snares, rims it’s nice on Analog Four… i always find Claps difficult to make with a synth from scratch i ending with an ok sound but not something i like… I am very difficult with claps it’s already a sound that I do not really like…

That said the best results i can get is always with layering techniques and i find i use to much tracks on the A4 to make it… so it’s always ending sampled and played elsewhere so… not really convenient to me. Also i think drums gets better when compressed (using the Transients shaping method) so with my visions of drums I’m not a huge fan to design it on my A4…

But it’s vision and workflow and totally subjective. That said Kick are awesome with the new overdrive… on the MK2


I love the beats
Love the kick, snare and hh

They are deep, Sharp and bright


If the product page for AR MK2 is accurate preorders should start tomorrow, right?


Available in November, didn’t see mention somewhere the 24th, isn’t it ?

From all the shop i know online estimated date are from 30 of November to the 11 of December… Definitively hard to know when this baby will be released. We can just WAIT for it.


Usually, these announcements drop on Friday with start of shipping 7-10 days later. So if they want to make November they better get their skates on…


We’ll see :stuck_out_tongue: but i already forced myself to have in mind more middle December to not be disappointed too much


Dataline already has the AR MK2 :slight_smile:


haha, of course Cenk has the AR MK2!


Following :sunglasses:


Any tipps for synthesizing HH ? (Besides filtering white noise.)


Add them to your sound pool
Make perf. Knobs for decay and release

I start with a preset
And adjust to your taste

When I make them myself
I use noise and filter with lfo to make it snappy
But I am not really good in it


The 808 Hi Hat architecture is quiet intricated, multiple detuned oscillators + noise + ring mod. I found that using pink noise gives also different results than white noise of course.


I’m really interested to hear how the analog filter on the Rytm affects the samples compared with the digital one on the DT.

Are the filters on the four and rytm the same?


The Filter on Rytm differs from A4 Mk1 and MK2.


When is the Analog Rytm mk2 available? I have ordered it in sweetwater. They say I can get it in January. Do I have to wait for 1 year?