Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


Thomann have updated their guesstimate from Nov 30th to Nov 10th and they have been rather accurate recently.


Today they changed the date to November 30th again…:joy:


How cruel.


Have to reschedule my week off from work… again :slight_smile:


Does anybody know what the difference is between the two sets of inputs? Ext In and Audio in?


the other input works just like on the mk while the ”new” input is for sampling? My guess anyway…


Shame there’s no reworking/improvement of the analog circuitry in the AR, have always struggled to get the kind of clarity/definition I can get with other (albeit less functionally versatile) analog drum synths. Always a trade-off I suppose.

Meanwhile Digitakt-style sampling/resampling sounds like a delightful addition.


Just wondering if the Digitakt has more dsp power than the AR MK1? And will that Digitakt dsp power also be available in the AR MK2?

This would be very interesting because the AR MK2 has analog filters/overdrive so no need of dsp power for the digital multi-mode filter/overdrive effect from the Digitakt. Instead of that… can we expect a digital Parametric EQ in the sample engine of the AR MK2? That would be soo useful in layering the sample with analog synthesis.

I’m just dreaming of course :slight_smile:


Apparently Rytm mk2 is released End November… it’s so LONG to wait ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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A number of posts imply that the new AR will have all of the features of the DT except external midi sequencing. Is that speculation or confirmed?


:warning:️unconfirmed speculation…:warning:


Elektron only told expect DT kind of sampling.


Thanks. I guess I’ll have to stay tuned.


Off the top of my head, we don’t know if it will have:
-control all
-decimal parameter precision
-amp and filter graphs / new graphics
-track select from pads/buttons

It most likely won’t have the DT kit/pattern/bpm relationship…

Even for sampling we really don’t have any details…
Honestly I think all the speculation of anything from DT going to ARmk2 stems from just this:



Just heard from Sweetwater that the AR MK2 is delayed until end of December.


My gut tells me november 17 on friday!

Otherwise i need to buy the Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 75192 from Lego :)))


I spoke with my Sweetwater rep a couple of days ago and he told me mid to late January.


Just had a word with Santa. He and his mates told me November…


Just noticed pushed back their date for AR MKII to Dec 16th. I can hear my bank account sigh in relief.


Ah it means you want then the Space from me? :wink: