Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


It’s not a year until January, is it. :wink:


Do you follow the Release of OT MK2, A4 MK2…there was not too much of a late … if there is a delay on the last one I think December will be the month. (Speculation from my side of course) Still a little patience … we all wait you know;)


Yes. I spoke with Sweetwater, and they told me that they will not give Jeremy an AR2 until January 2019.


Anybody know the difference between “sampling inputs” and “external inputs”
I assume that means the sampling inputs can not be used as thru inputs > main outs and the externals can?


That is my interpretation, too.


makes sense. would assume the same.


I don’t know, there must be a way to at least monitor the sampling inputs otherwise how will you know what your sampling?


My guess is that the sample inputs will work like they do on the DT. Monitoring yes, passing through fx no. It would be great if ext in could be sampled from as well, but I don‘t think it will be possible and I don‘t care that much.


Any big news from Elektron??


I really cant wait to see the new AR in action!


Why is there no MKII thread in the RYTM section? I’d create one but I don’t want to get scolded :smiley:


If it is a specific topic that you want to discuss about a specific Rytm feature or capability, by all means, start a topic. There are plenty of MKII threads in the Rytm section already, covering the dual VCO synth, the new sampling workflow, etc.

If you’d like to join the conversation about the news that the Rytm MKII is now shipping, there is a lively thread already at Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping

You wouldn’t get scolded if the thread was redundant or unnecessary. Your post would be merged with the appropriate topic, in order to keep the conversation centralized for those seeking information on specific topics.


Ok, I just figured there would be a pinned RYTM MKII thread in the MKII section, that’s all.


Can anyone speak to the use of sample chains with the Mk2 Rytm? Has that area evolved since the mk1 or is it similar?

When I had an original Octatrack, sample chains made a lot of sense to me and I made a bunch of nice chain samples. I was interested in the Rytm 1 but put off by why seemed like a cumbersome process for sample chains. If that’s improved with the mk2, I’m more likely to give one a shot.

Sorry if this had been covered elsewhere. I haven’t been active on here in a while.


There’s no indication sample chain handling will be any different from Digitakt / AR MK1, which means that it’s still down to proper preparation and meaningful naming of your chains. Specifically, there is no slice mode like on the OT.


I think it is not really good
that elektron decided to add a digital le version in the rytm…


? ?


Was doing 2 things at the same time
I expected a wave form and better loop positioning possibilities like Digitakt
Now it looks like mk1, But with internal and external sampling…


Seeing as the Rytm Mkii has been shipping for a few days now, where are all the “this machine is the f***ing business” posts.
This will most likely be the first piece of gear I will buy since having my 2 children, but want to get more updates before laying out the folding.


What Elektron meant was that they have started to ship out boxes to retailers, so I don’t expect a lot of people will get theirs until sometime next week. My retailer yesterday confirmed I’ll have it by the end of next week.