Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


I preordered the Rytm Mkii for the sampling upgrade and for the new screen. The old screen is terrible. The first one i got had this ghosting effect that got worse and worse over time. I sent it for warranty and when I got it back, the new screen was even worse, it was super dim and faded. As soon as they announced it mkII, i sold it.

Why does my monomachine have so much better of a screen than Rytm? They cheaped out.


Idea: the Rytm would really come alive going through a stereo UA 2-610 …

Machinedrum’s synthesis bassdrums really went next level when i played them through a mono 610 about ten years ago. Difficult to explain how much better the sound was, without seeming to exaggerate.

although there is a setting for Mic and phantom power, there is also the option to run the preamp as a valve driven line signal amplifier. Essentially when the gain voltage is heightened to the glass tube, an organic kind of compression and multiband eq is applied by the process, with subtle warm harmonics being supported.

any subtleties in the drum machine’s sound and vibe either synthesis or sample is enhanced and widened.

maybe this is off topic slightly but anyway…


I wonder if the new AR2 & A42 releases will contain new sounds, or if there will be new sound packs available to coincide with the release?



I just spoke with Sweetwater and they are saying it’s delayed til January. Elektron’s site is sayin November. Any word from Elektron??


I guess the word from Elektron is November…


A4 Mk2 comes with the MK1 factory sounds


I thought they redesign as well the sounds… ok anyway that to US to make our sounds initially


The MK2 factory sounds all have the same names as the MK1 sounds. I’ve only played with a couple, but they’re the same.

Now. With the Mk2, they do sound different in character


Are there any plans to re work the filters on the Rytm MKII




Then we get the MK13


Really interested in this, or any other modifications to sound on the Rytm MKII. Not that there is anything wrong with the MKI filters or anything else. But the developments implemented on Heat for example are great, particularly the filter.


I was planing to take mk2 for separate outputs, but it sounds so different to mk1 that i fear my mk1 projects will not translate so well on mk2. It is like totally different machine now.


Anybody know if the inputs, configured as thru machines can have effects assigned to them besides compression?


Elektron hasn’t mentioned anything like this in the list of Mk 2 differences on their website. The dedicated audio inputs for sampling offer some potential capability, but nothing has been promised.


Elektron hasn’t mentioned this in the list of Mk 2 changes on heir website.


How many of you in the US/Canada have the their A4 MKIIs? I preordered mine on B&H as soon as they were announced and I haven’t received mine yet. I’m a bit annoyed as I’ve seen other retailers that have them in stock. ugh.


Got mine almost 2 weeks ago from Perfect Circuit. I don’t do pre orders. There’s always a couple online retailer that have stuff the day of, or shortly after a release. PC is one of them


Mine is en route now. I mean its too be expected if you order from a higher volume establishment.


Anyone hear any new time frames/release dates on the AR2?