Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


I have the black trinity, and the new MKii versions did not even register the slightest interest in me. First of all, I don’t like the look at all, and even though there may be some improvements in the display, buttons, and bass (A4), it’s just not enough for me to register even the slightest GAS bubble in my gut.

My feeling is that I’ve got the vintage version of these and the silver boxes too! And I mean it, just like I love using my Juno 60 over anything Roland’s come up with lately with all their recent crap. Yeah, I prefer vintage Elektron, so there…

…now if they were to come up with something completely different…!!!


Just thinking about the one octave keys on the AF MK2. It would have been nice if they take one octave of silicon keys from the Keith McMillen QuNexus.


Not sure about that. My qunexus is already exhibiting unresponsive keys…


Just traded my Rytm straight up for a minty Sub 37, days after preordering Rytm MK2 :blush:


Just like the pads on the Rytm MK1. I wish they would be as good as on the Push 2


I bought three (!) Analog Four and one Analog Keys…my main constraint was always the fucking display, thats why i sold them again. Now i guess someone at E. HQ finally heard my begging… Will definately get an A4 a fourth time, but only the MK2.


My dear Elektron mate :slight_smile: I have the money
and I can’t wait for September and October… :heat:

Go FAST I’m NAKED right NOW hahaha :joy:


So ! Who have the intention to buy it and actually wait for it ?
Who have the intention to buy OT mk2, A4 mk2 and AR mk2 ?



I think I will buy A4 ar mk2


My current plan is to go with the “dirty trinity” - OT mk II, A4 mk I + AR mk I. But with indiouts on the A4 and internal resampling on the rytm… And Das keyboard buttons… Maybe some day I will upgrade the analogs as well.


I’m wondering when Pre-Order will be open for the mark II, August, September and October… And when first Batch will be ready to ship. They have an awful lot of work when coming back from Holliday …
So much to deliver !!! this 2017 ending Year will be probably quite busy for them + Overbridge premium and all firmware upgrade… + Sample transfer for DT/AR :stuck_out_tongue: wow

i hope they are “more or less” ready yet :joy:


Plus all the secret new projects! This is the good sort of busy though.


The phrase ‘bitten off more they can chew’ may well bite them in the arse…

But hopefully it’s all in the bag.


But it guess it’s exciting for them… if i was part of Elektron team (except for reading few things here and there) i would be very exciting by the Elektron development … all mark II evolution, new features, new products etc… its seems to be quite dynamic at the moment with AH, DT, MKII and then i’m sure there’s more to come.

We may have a game changing setup soon for those who like Elektron sequencer power and way of thinking of course.


Think I’m going to get all three mk2’s, but I’m going to wait until the end of the year I reckon.


I’m waiting for AK Mk2.




I am one of those people who’s gonna sell the Analog MK1’s and get the MK2’s

But i am not interested in Overbridge on Mac/PC no cost here.

However about paying for Overbridge i would pay if they bring out a iOS version of Overbridge. But that would never happen it seems…


I’m happy with the MK1’s. tempted by a Digitakt, but also interested to hear more about the OT2 and it’s workflows. I struggled with saving things on the OG box so hopefully it’s a bit simpler now. I think I’ll just wait till Oct to see where everything’s at and hopefully OB is out for the DT by then at which point is likely pull the trigger.


For me, will be the A4 MKII to complement my AK, and have the A4 more used like a sound module, mostly to venture into pads and unisons.